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I have been meaning to come up with this blog for quite some time now. My child was 7 months old when the idea first struck me of creating a log of all recipes that I prepare for him which can be helpful to other new and worried moms. Well, he is 25 months old now and here I am with my first post. It’s not easy being a mother, especially the first time and this delay surely proves it.
Feeding the first food to an infant is quite a task, with all the precautions and stories one hears it seems like a big war to take on. I thought it would be comparatively easy for me given my experience with food and recipe development. But trust me, it was not. I was as lost as someone who enters the kitchen for the first time.
Something as simple as feeding an apple to a baby comes with a lot of do’s and don’ts. Who knows the correct way of doing so? This is when I realized the plight of other mothers and thought of sharing all my experiences with those on the lookout.
This blog lists tried and tested recipes; tried on my baby and tested by me. I hope to be of help to all mothers out there who wish to feed their kids healthy food the right way.
Below is an image of certain tools I used, to prepare food for my infant. These tools come handy till the baby is 10 months old or old enough to lightly chew food.

Infant Food Preparation Tools

1 thought on “First Post”

  1. So excited to make this for my little one! Thank you for sharing!

    Even if you don’t have a baby, doesn’t this blog inspire you to make baby food?! I can’t stop reading it. Why would you buy proprietary when you could take 30 mins out of your life and make a delicious baby food .


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