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Toffee Pistachios

Today, I have a simple and sweet (literally!) recipe for you, Toffee Pistachios. The humble and super nutritious pistachio coated with a thin (or thick, if you like) layer of toffee makes a very healthy and convenient snack on the go. Toffee Pistachio is a snack on the go for those long drives or travel periods when the adults munch on oil and fat laden road/kiosk snacks (without much choice) and the kids can indulge in some tasty yet nutritious munching.

Toffee Pistachios
Toffee Pistachios

Nabeel is a non fussy eater and I don’t have to strive much to prepare attractive meals in order to please him. What stresses me most is the lack of on the go snacks for him. Nabeel loves the salted pistachios with shells, which he has learnt to de-shell in no time. They are his preferred snack on the go, I, however, am not very happy with them given the copious amount of salt they are coated with. Nabeel prefers savoury over sweet, so, I tried to create something out of the plain pistachios using butter and sugar ensuring the salt and glucose levels are maintained. I have to admit, Nabeel is not very fond of these toffee pistachios but he doesn’t mind munching on them if his favourite salted pistachios are out of stock.

Toffee_ Pistachios
Pistachios are the healthier choice amongst nuts, you can coat substitute them with almond or walnuts if your child doesn’t prefer pistachios. These toffee coated nuts can be stored refrigerated for a month. For places, where the room temperature is around 15 to 20 C they can also be stored in an air tight container outside the refrigerator. You can also sauté pistachios in some butter with light spices to make a warm crunchy off the pan snack. Toffee recipe, ideally, includes cream to get a good sauce texture but since we are looking at a toffee coating, which should stick to the nuts, the cream is omitted. Also, cream will decrease the shelf life of the nuts which kills the idea of a snack on the go.

Toffee Pistachio

½ cup shelled, plain pistachios
2 tablespoons salted butter
2 tablespoons granulated sugar (for a thicker coating and sweeter taste this quantity should be increased to 4 tablespoons)


Step 1 – Heat butter, on a low flame, in a non-stick pan.
Step 2 – Add pistachios and sauté till coated well with butter.
Step 3 – Sprinkle sugar and let it melt and caramelize.
Step 4 – Once the nuts are coated well with the toffee, remove and spread on a ceramic plate to cool. Serve or store, as desired.

Let me know if your child enjoyed the Toffee Pistachios. Also, please don’t forget to follow my blog and like my page on Facebook.

Till then, love being a mommy!

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