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Playdate Menu – Post 3

Playdate Menu 1

Hi there! This is a continued post of Play date Menu, which is divided into 3 posts. If you haven’t read Post 1, read it here it has the recipes of Melon & Pineapple Drink and Penne & Chunky Cheese. Click here to read Post 2 which has the recipe of Mince n Cheese Quesadillas. And, this is Post 3 which has recipes of Brownie Cup Sundae and Banana & Chocolate Sandwiches.

Brownie Cup Sundae

Brownie Cup Sundae Recipe
I had once seen a perfectly styled image of brownie cups in a food magazine, since then it has been on my mind and this is my attempt to re-create it. I have used the cups to make a vanilla sundae topped with things that kids savour.
Honestly, more than the kids the mother went gaga over the idea and now I have been assigned a task of teaching them how to make the cups during the next play date. You may read below to learn the same 🙂

For the Brownie Cups (approx. 10 cups)
100grams butter
100 grams dark chocolate
100grams refine flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt
150grams castor sugar
2 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla essence

Other Ingredients
Vanilla Ice cream
Sundae Toppings like nuts, dried fruit, coloured sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, rice crispies, fresh fruit etc
Oil for greasing the cake trays

Brownie Cup Sundae1

Step 1 – Melt chocolate and keep aside to cool.
Step 2 – In a clean vessel, beat butter and sugar with an electric beater till the mixture appears light and fluffy.
Step 3 – Add in the eggs, one by one, and beat lightly taking care not to curdle the batter.
Step 4 – Add in vanilla essence and the melted chocolate. Mix lightly by hand.
Step 5 – Fold in all the remaining dry ingredients and pour the mixture into a greased cupcake tray. Fill each cupcake mould 3/4.
Step 6 – Place the tray in a hot oven which has a temperature of 180C.
IMPORTANT Step 7 –We don’t want the brownie to bake completely. Once the sides are firm with the centre still wet remove the tray from the oven. Take another identical cupcake tray, grease it from the bottom (not in the mould) and place it on the just out of the oven tray. Lightly press it on the baked cupcakes. This is going to be messy with the uncooked batter oozing out from the sides. Wipe it and keep the tray back in the oven (along with the second tray) to bake the unbaked mixture. Remember we are making cups for the sundae. I dint have a second identical tray so I used the individual small cake moulds. Please refer to the picture for a better understanding of how this step has to be executed.

Baking the Cup
Step 8 – In 5 minutes or so the brownie cups would be ready. Remove from oven and let it cool. Gently pick up the top tray. This is going to be tricky and only if the top tray was perfectly greased from the outside will you be able to remove it without any hassles. What you see in the original tray are soft and cute brownie cups waiting to be served. Remove them from the tray and keep aside to cool completely
Step – 9 When you are ready to serve the sundae, place a scoop or 2 of the vanilla ice cream in one brownie cup, pour some chocolate syrup and sprinkle different toppings. You can also do a hot and cold sundae by warming the brownie cups lightly before assembling the sundae. Make sure this is served as well as eaten quickly.

Banana n Chocolate Sandwiches

Banana & Chocolate Sandwiches Recipe
Since fruits are something Nabeel has not made friends with, I am constantly thinking of coming up with creative recipes using fruits. It was a Eureka moment one fine morning while consuming my daily dose of banana; I came up with this idea of sandwiching chocolate in between banana slices. Yummmyy!! Banana and chocolate is marriage made in heaven you can’t go wrong with it and neither can anyone resist it, yeah not even banana hating kids 🙂 . So I knew, the next time I had to prepare something that kids would relish it was this. Here goes the extremely simple recipe.

2 firm yet ripe bananas (please don’t use very ripe bananas they will never make good sandwiches)
1/ 2 cup mixed grated chocolate, a combination of dark and milk (depending upon your taste increase or decrease the type of chocolate)
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoons finely chopped walnuts

Step 1 – Prepare the chocolate sauce by melting chocolate in a heavy bottomed pan. Since this is very less quantity of chocolate it is best melted in a microwave or hot oven. Melting over the gas stove is tricky and there are more chances of the chocolate scorching. Take your pick.
Step 2 – Once melted take off heat and add in milk. Milk is to get a shine and adjust the consistency of the sauce; you may add more or less milk, accordingly. However, remember we need a chocolate spread (not really a sauce) that will not run out from the sides.
Step 3 – Few minutes before serving, cut banana into even no. of thick slices (refer to picture). Place half the slices on the serving plate, spread the chocolate sauce over them and sprinkle little walnuts. Top with remaining slices of banana to create individual sandwiches.


With this recipe ends my Play date Menu. Hope you find the recipes easy to follow and recreate. Would love to get your feedback. Also, feel free to share some of your personal favourite kid friendly recipes.

If you missed out on the earlier 2 posts worry not they can be read here & here.

Till then, Love being a Mommy!

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