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Baked Italian Potato Wedges

Baked Italian Potato Wedges 1

Nabeel’s Tiffin menu for the week is almost fixed – 2 days roasted Makhana, 2 days Stuffed Paratha and 1 day Homemade French fries. It’s adhered to so religiously that even the days for each snack is fixed. It may seem boring to you and me but Nabeel loves his Tiffin snacks and looks forward to them at the beginning of the week. However, this New Year I have decided to break away from the monotonous routine and introduce new Tiffin treats which he may accept easily.

Italian Potato Wedges

So here’s my first of the many Tiffin treats, Baked Italian Potato Wedges. I plan to replace the French fries with this healthy and much tastier option. The Potato Wedges are made using minimal ingredients and are ready in a jiffy. You can play with the flavours depending on your child’s taste buds, try flavours like dried garlic flakes, pepper, mixed herbs, a local spice mix, etc. These wedges also work well as an after school treat and a vegetarian starter when paired with a rich flavourful dip.

Baked Italian Potato Wedges

Baked Italian Potato Wedges

1 big potato (enough as one time Tiffin snack for an under 5 child)
Dried Oregano
Chilli Flakes
Vegetable Oil

Step 1 Wash and scrub the potato well. Cut it into wedges as shown below.

Potato Wedges

Step 2 In a bowl toss the potato wedges with oregano, chilli flakes, salt and generous amounts of oil. Let the wedges sit till you set the oven.
Step 3 Pre-heat the oven to 200C for 10mintues.
Step 4 Once the oven is ready, place the wedges on a baking tray and apply remaining marinade from the bowl over the wedges.

Baking the Wedges
Step 5 Bake the wedges for a good 20 – 25min or till the potatoes are soft and cooked.
Step 6 Remove from oven and serve immediately or transfer to a tiffin box.
Step 7 You can serve a dip with the wedges. We enjoy the Baked Italian Potato Wedges as it is.

Italian Baked Potato Wedges

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6 thoughts on “Baked Italian Potato Wedges”

  1. hey umaima this seems really very easy and tasty too.will try it right now.
    wud love to have a few more recipes for tiffin boxes.


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