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Real Strawberry Pops

Finally, here I am with a Strawberry Recipe. Since they arrived in the markets, I mentally planned for some 20 odd Strawberry recipes for my BAM readers but eventually managed to do this one – Real Strawberry Pops (yummm!!!). The recipe is totally natural using ONLY fresh strawberries. No preservatives, squashes, drink powders or any other added artificial flavours/colours used (that’s why the name says REAL 🙂 ). Besides, it’s prepared in a jiffy minus the freezing time.

strawberry pops

The recipe comes in time as a relief for our kids when the heat is taking its toll and they are in mood to welcome their summer holidays. If your kids are mature enough then they can make these pops on their own – a fun activity for the vacations.

Strawberry popsicle

So go grab the last batch of Strawberries that you may still find in grocery stores or fruit markets and whip up some Strawberry Pops for your kids, right away.

Nabeel enjoying his Strawberry Pops :-)
Nabeel enjoying his Strawberry Pops 🙂

Real Strawberry Pops Recipe
A totally good to go recipe for kids of all ages

Fresh, Juicy Strawberries
Powdered Sugar – If strawberries lack natural sweetness
A pinch of salt
Some water to help pulverise the berries well

Step 1 – Put everything in a blender and churn to get a smooth puree.
Step 2 – Taste the puree and pour into ice trays, moulds or glasses.
Step 3 – Place in freezer for an hour or so.
Step 4 – Carefully, insert the sticks, straws, toothpicks, etc once the pops can hold them straight.
Step 5 – Get the pops back into the freezer. For best results, freeze overnight.
Step 6 – Remove the pops and serve right away.

masala strawberry pops

• Freeze the fresh strawberries for half an hour before blending this gives a slushy texture and quickens the freezing process.
• I used plastic straws and toothpicks to hold the pops. It was a BAD idea…the plastic keeps slipping making the pop eating process messier. Its best to stick to wooden toothpicks, candy sticks or skewers, they remain intact.
• Removing the pops from ice trays is easy but in case they are set in glasses, give the pops a minute or 2 to condense from the sides and then de mould them.

Get Creative: Additional flavours that you may add while blending are lemon juice, chat masala, mint leaves, green chilli (only if the pops are being consumed by adults).

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Till then, love Being a Mommy!

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