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Review – Pancho’s Pav Bhaji


The good guys at Pancho’s Pav bhaji sent a bunch of foodies (including me) of a popular food group on Facebook few samples of their Pav bhaji for review. I asked for the classic Pav bhaji and one of their specialities Chicken Pav bhaji. It was delivered bang on time (rather a few minutes early). I was not home at the time of delivery, but when I arrived after about a couple of minutes the aroma pulled me right to the kitchen, where awaiting me were 2 boxes of neatly packed pav bhajis. Before dissecting them I decided to click a few pictures to share, you can see them in this post. I have penned down the review in form of Pros and Cons to make it easy to read and refer.

• Never has my pav bhaji been delivered in such a neat and hygienic manner..every aspect of the packaging was thoughtful and top-notch. I loved the cute little container holding chopped onions and a wedge of lemon, in particular.
• Because of its thoughtful packaging the Pav bhaji from Panchos is ideal to carry as travel boxes or party snack boxes.
• Coming to the taste, I found it was decent. The bhaji was mildly spiced and had a thick texture, indicating that it had not been diluted with water just like it’s done at most pav bhaji joints.
• I like how they thought of adding chicken to the popular vegetarian snack. A good attempt, must say. Chicken pieces were succulent and added in the right proportion to the gravy.
• The bhaji showed more signs of mixed vegetables and less of tomato, so if you are someone who doesn’t prefer a very tomatoey type bhaji then this is definitely for you.
• They send 3 pavs instead of the standard 2…which is another plus point.
• A very good item sent in the box is the after mint….much needed after the dose of raw onions 🙂
• The Pav bhaji is priced reasonably considering all the services offered and the quality of the product. Other items on the menu like extra pav (which, one might not need), soft-drinks and desserts also come at an affordable price.
• The menu is short and simple offering just what it’s supposed to …Pav bhaji. So unlike other takeaways that start with Chinese and end up with Mughlai 😉

panchos_pav bhaji

• Bhaji container was not really spill proof, since it was further placed in a box it din’t matter much. Although, they can look at making it spill proof especially for people who did like to take the pav bhaji as travel boxes.
• In my opinion, well marinated chicken in Pav bhaji masala, instead of the humble boiled chicken, will elevate the taste of the dish to another level.
• I would prefer the Pav bhaji more masaledaar and hot.

Pancho’s Pav bhaji is an experience in itself, to be tried at least once. #ilovepavbhaji

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