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Top 15 Out of the Box Iftar Recipes

Ramadan is almost here and I am sure the concern of what new to make every evening for Iftar is eating you up! Fret not; I have put up a list of recipes which you can try out and win praises. All recipes are perfect for kids and adults alike thus the entire family can be pleased in one go:-)

For convenience sake, I have divided the list into Vegetarian Iftar recipes and Non-vegetarian Iftar recipes. Here, goes the list

Vegetarian Iftar Recipes

Chilli Cheese Toast
Chilli Cheese Toast

1) Chilli Cheese Toast – A classic snack for cheese lovers.

2) Baked Potato Wedges – A quick fix for days when you are totally drained out to whip up something gourmet.

3) Cream n Curd Open Sandwich – Something I have relished during Iftar all my life and am more than pleased to share the recipe with you.

4) Masala Rotis – For men (and women too) who cannot make it home on time for Iftar; these masala rotis can be packed and carried as an Iftar snack. Made with whole wheat and fortified with vegetables the rotis provide enough energy to carry on till you can tuck in some dinner. A smart choice over biscuits and fast foods.

Indian Rawa Pancakes
Indian Semolina Pancakes

5) Indian Semolina Pancakes – The day when you decide to take a break from all things guilty (read oily)

6) Penne n Chunky Cheese – This dish can easily qualify for dinner. If you are in no mood to whip up an Iftar snack plus dinner this is what you should make.

Chicken Iftar Recipes

Malai Tikka _ Chicken
Chicken Malai Tikka

7) Chicken Malai Tikka –This dish will take you back on the guilt track, after all feasting is an important part of Ramadan. Stop drooling and start preparing 🙂

8) Mince n Cheese Quesadillas – The 2 adjectives; wholesome and yummy perfectly describe this recipe. Try it today.

9) Chicken Nuggets – This recipe is perfect for anyone looking for prepare ahead foods. The nuggets freeze well and can be cooked at the last minute.

Sweet Recipes for Iftar

alphonso mango dessert
Easy Mango Dessert

10) Melon & Pineapple Drink – Fresh fruits are highly recommended during Iftar, here’s a recipe combining 2 fruits to create a refreshing drink.

11) Fig & Apricot Milkshake – For days when you want to sip something energetic rather than eat.

12) Banana & Chocolate Sandwiches – Bananas are a great source of energy making them the ideal fruit to consume for iftar. Here’s a quick fix for iftar, using them.

13) Quick Mango Dessert – Mangoes are going to vanish soon, make the most of them.

Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcakes

14) Chocolate Cupcakes – Bored of traditional Iftar sweets? Try baking these chocolicious cupcakes one of the days.

15) Sugar Cookies or Oat Cookies– If you are someone who likes to munch on off the shelf biscuits for Iftar, why not try some homemade cookies?

Besides the above recipes, keep looking out for many more Iftar Recipes that I shall be posting over the month. To receive the recipes right in your inbox please register your email id on the blog.

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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!


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