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Being a Mommy Blog Turns ONE

Hello dear readers, Being a Mommy (BAM) blog turns 1 today (whistles whistles) Exactly a year ago, I did my first post here. Looking back it seems quite amateurish and unstructured, nonetheless it’s special. After the first post I could manage about 2 recipes in the next month and was confused as to how exactly… Continue reading Being a Mommy Blog Turns ONE

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Spiced Potato Stuffed Sesame Buns

It’s that time of the year when I am scratching my head to figure out new flavours and food items to pack in Nabeel’s lunch box. I know it’s been only a month since school re-opened yet the regular Tiffin making activity has already started to get boring for me. So recently, during one of… Continue reading Spiced Potato Stuffed Sesame Buns

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Popeye Pie

Most of my generation moms grew up watching Popeye – The Sailor and so were introduced to spinach very early and would not mind consuming it since Popeye did so and he could manage getting over any trouble. Sadly, our kids don’t know Popeye as he is taken over by the likes of Chotta Bheem… Continue reading Popeye Pie