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Being a Mommy Blog Turns ONE

Hello dear readers, Being a Mommy (BAM) blog turns 1 today (whistles whistles)

Exactly a year ago, I did my first post here. Looking back it seems quite amateurish and unstructured, nonetheless it’s special. After the first post I could manage about 2 recipes in the next month and was confused as to how exactly go about with the blog. I wanted to start with all the past recipes tried on Nabeel when he started teething, his first infant food, etc however at the same time in real life he was an active 2 plus kid showing a lot of interest in helping me out with all the cooking. I wanted to capture and post this part of his food journey too. So, after much thought I decided to report what was happening NOW as opposed to the past and then I posted this. It’s after this particular post the blog kick-started in the actual sense and thereon it has been an exciting journey cooking, clicking, feeding, sharing, experimenting, etc with Nabeel.
It wasn’t easy managing the blog and being a mommy to Nabeel who had just started with playgroup. The few hours he was away at school was all I had to toil for a post with great content. While coming up with recipes was not a challenge what really was, was converting them into very easy doable stuff for mothers who were already bogged down by the many motherhood tasks and were looking for content that they could rely on. I also wanted to support my recipes with great pictures which in my opinion are equally important as the recipe itself. Initial recipes had very mediocre photos but after some learning I can say the post on Chicken Nuggets is when my food styling skills actually showed up.
Soon, I indulged in self-marketing of the blog as I realised just creating great content was not enough, the world had to be told about it. So, I created accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I, also, got the blog registered with an Indian Blogger community and started contributing my recipes to a popular Parenting site BabyChakra.
Blogging has been addictive and hectic (at times) but it’s been a great year. BAM made it on a top potential bloggers list as I reported here. I was inspired to do a couple of things as I posted here and here and hope to undertake many other projects in the future.

For now, my plans for BAM for the next year include the following:

1) Shift focus from only recipes and pen down articles narrating my various kitchen discoveries as a mother.
2) I also want to explore and report on different aspects of being a mother for which I plan to have guest writers to share their experiences.
3) Feature some inspiring moms from the food and non-food world whose stories will surely bring about a change in our thinking and perspective of being not only a mother but overall as a women.
4) Contribute to popular parenting sites and reach out to more and more moms.
5) Last but not the least, have more connect with my loyal readers.

To begin with I did love to know what you wish to read on BAM, where do you think I can improvise and other wish list you may have for BAM. Please comment or write in. I am waiting.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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