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Review – Rambo Circus, India – A Visual Treat

The famous Rambo Circus is in town and we were extended a special mother – child invite to check it out!

rambo circus

Nabeel saw his first circus at Budapest last year which had a healthy mix of animal and human acts, all of which were superb. Honestly, my expectations of a circus have been raised high since then and I was hoping the local circus doesn’t let me down. Thankfully, it did not!

Rambo Circus, established in 1991, is the only Indian circus that is a part of the World Circus Federation. It tours across India and boasts of splendid acts performed by artists from around the globe. This year, along with India, there are participants from 6 other countries namely Nepal, Columbia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

We went for the 4pm show on a Friday, given a weekday I could see decent no. of patrons for the show, which was a sign that it is popular and going to be worth it. The massive fireproof circus tent covers an area of approx 235ft , and has interiors done up with colourful drapes giving the perfect circus feel. The seating area, with a capacity of 1000, has huge air coolers so one doesn’t feel the heat or any discomfort. Seats are basic plastic chairs placed in rows for all ticket categories; the more you pay, closer you are to the stage.

The show started 10 minutes late than the stipulated time and within seconds the whole ambiance transformed into a lively visual treat. First, the circus contingent, comprising of local and international artists holding respective country flags and the few animals that were to perform, walked in. Soon their acts followed one by one which were entertaining, some out right dangerous but well executed. The combination of designer costumes, laser lights, digital sound system and of course remarkable human talent put up a spectacular show. Definitely on par with any international circus acts.

daredevil act
Daredevil Act by Nepal Team

I specifically enjoyed the acrobatic acts by Ethiopian team and the dressing changing act by the Azerbaijan couple. Other note worthy performance was of the Columbia team, headed by Carlos, on the wheel of death and the dog show which Nabeel thoroughly enjoyed.
Due to certain rules and regulations, animals are hardly used limiting to the Elephant playing some cricket and dogs jumping through the rings, instead of lions ;-). Nonetheless, the Human daredevil acts and skilled performances dint make you miss the animals at all. There are quite a few interactive acts amongst the artists and kids which make it an enjoyable experience. One could see the enthusiasm amongst the kids as they grooved through the music and confidently participated in the acts.

wheel of death _ circus act
Wheel of Death Act

One annoying element of the entire show was the food hawkers who walked shamelessly on the stage, luring kids with their goods. This distracted the kids, who would want to buy everything while their mothers had a hard time getting their attention back to the show. I earnestly urge the management to come up with a better way of marketing the refreshments as the hawker nuisance can really be a drawback for the circus.

I have high respect for circus artists as they have just one chance to show their skill, no retakes at all. Choosing to opt for a circus show instead of a movie show is a great way to encourage such artists and their skills. It is also a good occasion to expose kids to what human talent is all about. You can book tickets here or buy them directly at the ticket counter at the venue.

circus dog show
Circus Dog Act

The circus tent is pitched at Bandra Reclamation Grounds, Mumbai and is there till 16th Dec 2015 before it moves out. Daily show timings are 4pm & 7 pm. Weekend show timings are 1, 4 & 7 pm.

Children below 3 go free. Ample parking space (paid) and toilet facilities available.

Enjoy your trip to the circus.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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