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Strawberry & Guava Juice

Continuing with our series of winter special ingredients I am back with not one but 2 ingredients – Strawberry & Guava.

Fresh Fruit Juice

After playing with Pineapple and creating a luscious jam using it, I picked up some attractive strawberries from the market. Jams and Desserts is what one would think of creating using them but for me that was not working, Jam..I just did with Pineapple so it was not exciting enough and Desserts..well this is for Nabeel and he definitely is not a dessert person. Last year, I made him Strawberry Pops which were a hit and he couldn’t get his tongue off the stuff licking till the last drop. It was such joy to watch him slurp and lick the pops all through!

My boy is a juice loving person, especially the ones that come in a tetra packs and bottles (for him even the aerated drinks are juices). To get him out of this tetra pack habit I juice fruits frequently and that is what exactly I planned to do with the batch of Strawberries lying with me. Simple Strawberry juice was too challenging for my creative mind so I decided to add in some sweet smelling Guavas to it. The two fruits make a rare and unique combination and I have been toying with the idea of using them in a recipe together for a while now.

Guava n strawberry delight

Strawberry and Guava Juice Recipe is as simple as it can get. I stewed my fruits a little before juicing as opposed to blending them raw simply because; A – I had a feeling the rustic flavour of Guava would overpower the humble strawberry, stewing them would allow the flavours to mellow down and blend well. B – As far as possible, I always prefer cooking sugar instead of using it raw, as cooking makes the sugar less damaging (Raw Sugar? Harmful? Well, let’s save this for another post).
The juice is strained to get rid of the hard Guava seeds, no fiber is lost in the process you can be rest assured. Spike up the drink with flavours like fresh mint, cinnamon powder, chaat masala, honey, roasted jeera powder and even some orange strands, if you like.

For some inspiration I looked up the net for Strawberry and Guava recipes. No luck with recipes but I did learn that the pink variety of Guavas is commonly known as “Strawberry Guavas” because of the light pink hue of their flesh. Logical enough!

I served the juice to Nabeel as a mid-morning snack minutes before he left for school. The drink energized him and he was all set to face the day. You can make pops using the juice (considering its thick enough) just like I did with some leftovers. Look up the method here.

Strawberry & Guava Juice

Strawberry & Guava Juice Recipe
Serves 2

1 cup Fresh Strawberries, cut into pieces
1 cup Fresh Guava, cut into pieces
1.5 cups water
1/4th to ½ cup sugar

Step 1 – Put all ingredients in a thick bottomed pan and stew them on a low flame till the fruits are soft.
Step 2 – Once cool, blend and strain the juice. Check for taste and sweetness. The juice is going to be thick adding water may dilute the flavours. If you want to adjust the consistency then do so using orange or pomegranate juice.
Step 3 – Cool and serve immediately. Avoid storing the juice for long, consume it the same day.

Look out for more recipes using Winter Ingredients, here.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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