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Easy & Creative ways to serve milk to kids

I am one blessed mom, why? Because milk time for me is not as harrowing as for most moms…Nabeel looks forward to his milk cuppa daily and drinks up the same without creating any fuss.  How? All because of a few simple and practical tips that I follow to make his cup of milk interesting and inviting.

Won’t you be bored if someone gave you the same glass of milk mixed with sugar every day that too more than once? As we know Variety is Spice of Life, serving a variety of flavours and textures to kids is a way of exploring and developing their taste. Get creative and see how that doodh ka glass is khalaas in no time. Read on…

child drinking milk

Milk Slush: Freeze milk and then crush/shave iced milk to get milk slush. Put the snow white slush in a tall glass, pour a spoon or two of rose syrup and top with colourful sprinkles or chocolate chips. Serve with a spoon and straw. Kids can eat and drink milk at the same time which is quite a thrilling experience for them.

Cookie Dunking Sessions: Evening milk time can be converted into fun cookie dunking competition with friends. Gather a few of your child’s friends serve them a glass of milk each and handful of cookies, ask the children to compete to finish the cookies (read milk 😉 ) see how the milk and cookies vanish in no time…I bet the excited kids will ask for more milk never realising how they have been tricked.

cookie dunked in milk
Healthy & Fun competitions like Cookie Dunking OR Who has the thickest milk Mustache? between kids will make the milk vanish in no-time 


Flavoured Straws: Yes, you heard it right, straws that are flavoured and are an amazing way to serve milk to your child. Recently, at a food expo I came across a milk bar set up by Unistraw Ltd. that have come up with this witty concept of flavoured straws called Sipahh. As the milk is sipped through the straw tiny tapioca bubbles release flavours giving you a flavoursome kick with every sip. Available in an array of flavours and attractive packaging Sipahh straws are definitely a unique way to serve milk to fussy kids.


Sipahh_flavored straws
Sipahh straws come in a variety of flavours and are an instant hit with kids!


Homemade Chocolate Milk Mix: Introduce your kids to hot chocolate for those cosy winter morning milk sessions. And even better is to make the mix at home with them. Involving kids to make anything is the first step to making them like it, they will never say yuck to anything they prepare since it’s a matter of pride, which means a win-win situation for moms. Mix 1.5 cups sifted cocoa powder with 2 cups icing sugar and 1/4th teaspoon of salt. Store the mixture in an airtight jar and when required mix 2 tablespoons of the mix with 1 cup of hot milk and serve topped with marshmallows.

Milk Shakes & Smoothies: Desired quantity of milk can be blended with a favourite ingredient of the child to create shakes that they will never say no to. Pick their favourite bar of chocolate or dry fruit or fresh fruit and just whip with milk and ice cubes. Serve in a glass with dollop of the child’s beloved ice-cream.


Kids relish milkshakes made with their favorite Fruit or Chocolate


Replace milk with Lassi: I often interchange Nabeel’s evening glass of milk with a glass of lassi. In the morning, I set curds with the same amount of milk he drinks and by evening the milk is transformed into luscious homemade curds that can be blended into a lassi with some sugar. The nutrients and goodness remains the same while the taste and experience is different and yummy for a change. You can also serve the homemade curds during meal times and skip the milk routine altogether for a few days.

In summers, one of the milk glasses should be replaced by Lassi, for kids. 


Cereals & Milk: Kids love cereals and I believe the main reason cereals were invented is to make milk a lot more fun and healthier. Pour hot/cold milk over child’s favourite ready to eat cereal mix and serve with a spoon and straw so that kids can use the straw to drink up the remaining milk after the cereal has been eaten. Cereals & Milk as an after school or evening snack is a good idea instead of a plain glass of milk.

cereals n milk
Kids enjoy sipping the flavoured milk after all the cereal has been eaten


Lunchbox Treat:  Once in a while, milk packs or bottles can be packed for lunchbox. Kids love packaged stuff and there is no harm in giving them what they like, for a change.

Milk in Lunchbox
Packaged milk as a Lunchbox Treat is a good way of giving milk to kids


Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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