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Banana Walnut Bread

banana walnut loaf_lr

I have been baking Banana Walnut Bread for years now and it’s one of our breakfast favourites. The method involved is very simple, so I often whip it up in the mornings to treat everyone with freshly baked Banana Bread for breakfast. Although, it’s possible to feast on this “fresh out of the oven” indulgence only on weekends, on few exceptional weekdays I bake the bread so that Nabeel can carry it in his Tiffin.

Bananas are so lovely and hassle free to cook with; they are available anywhere, anytime of the year and in abundance. Unlike other ingredients, where you procure them first and then decide what to make using them; for Bananas and especially this recipe it’s the other way round.

banana walnut cake

What I also love about Banana Walnut Bread is the fact that most of the sweetness is lent by the fruit which cuts down the requirement of processed sugar, something I avoid in my cooking as far as possible. Walnuts, as we know are the healthy nuts that are recommended for daily intake so there goes one more reason to consume this bread for breakfast. The bread has a very low shelf life say about 2 days from when it’s baked. But, honestly it doesn’t last more than a few hours in my house.

This is actually a tea time bread recipe but works equally good for breakfast. The reason it’s called bread is because unlike cakes it’s not very dry and spongy but moist with a compact texture and can be enjoyed on its own without any icing or frosting.

Weekend’s approaching and you could consider baking this for breakfast or tea time. Variations like Banana-Raisins, Banana-Chocolate chips, Banana-Almonds are possible.

banana walnut bread_lr
Banana Walnut Bread Recipe
Makes 1 loaf (as seen in the images)

3 Ripe Bananas
180grams Powdered Sugar / Icing Sugar
2 eggs
30 grams curds, whisked
75grams walnuts, chopped
200grams refined flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
60ml oil

Step 1 – Mix curd and soda in a bowl and keep aside.
Step 2 – Peel bananas. In a bowl, mash the bananas using a fork; if possible, keep a few lumps. Add in icing sugar and mix well.
Step 3 – Add in an egg, curd-soda mixture. Mix well.
Step 4 – Immediately, fold in the flour.
Step 5 – Add walnuts, oil and mix well.
Step 6 – Pour the batter in a greased loaf tin and bake at 180C for 45 minutes. If you do not have a loaf tin, then pour the batter into a muffin tray to make muffins.
Step 7 – Cool the bread completely before cutting and serving.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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