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DIY – Bag Art for Preschoolers

It’s that time of the year when moms are nervy and sweating, it’s time for summer vacations!

DIY Toddler activity

School holidays bring about a huge change in the daily routine of a child and the mother. While summer camps, hobby classes, free play, etc help keep the child active and busy, there will always be days when kids will be home doing nothing and you would need to think of something engaging for them.

For past few weeks, I have been doing just that, looking for indoor activities that will help keep my 4 year old boy constructively busy!

The first on the list is a bag art. I found this quick and witty masking tape art, originally done on paper, on a fellow mom’s blog. I decided to try it out on my grocery bag which needed a makeover, desperately. Within 15 minutes my boring grocery bag was converted into a masterpiece all thanks to Nabeel.

Nabeel feels so proud whenever we go out grocery shopping, always wanting to hold the bag which he transformed so beautifully. It’s a fun task to do with your kids; I chose to beautify a bag you can choose anything.

Things needed for DIY – Bag Art for Preschoolers

1 cotton canvas cloth bag, single color
Duct tape / Masking Tape / Scotch tape (any width depending upon your vision of the art)
Fabric colors of your choice
Paint brushes

Bag Art - Step 1Step 1 – Stick the bag on the working surface using a duct / masking / scotch tape. The  tape should run over the bag in random geometrical pattern.

Bag Art - Step 2Step 2 – Start painting using the first color. Do not dilute the colors too much as the paint will seep through the tape and give you a messy art.

Bag Art - Step 3Step 3 – Introduce the second color.


Bag Art - Step 4 Step 4– Complete the painting; do not leave any areas unpainted.


Bag Art - Step 5Step 5 – Allow the paints to dry for 5 minutes and carefully peel out the tape.


Bag Art - Step 6Step 6 – Ensure your fingers/hand are washed well before peeling the tapes or else the area under the tape might get some color making your art look shabby.


Bag Art - Step 7Step 7 – Once all the tape is peeled off, your bag should have distinct lines and look no less than modern art. Let the bag dry for at least an hour before use.

easy kids bag art
Nabeel proudly showing off his masterpiece 🙂

You can also use the designer tape to make another art. Maybe a name sign on the door? That’s what I did 🙂

If you happen to conduct this activity with your kid do not forget to share the master art images here.

Also, if you know of any fun child craft/art activities then please share.

Here’s a quick summary of the art in form of a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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