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3 Easy Kids Recipe Videos

Being mom to a dynamic kid sure has it’s share of worries and concerns, one of them being what food to make for him that will ensure a good flow of energy to meet up his activity requirements.

I am often left in this dilemma and so are most moms, many of whom have written to me. They are constantly on the look out for recipes which are easy to prepare, energy giving and at the same time relished by kids, without much coaxing and drama.

So, here are some easy to make, healthy yet yummy recipes for kids, in form of videos, that I did for BabyChakra. The recipes are versatile enough to work as snacks, tiffin treats, on the go food or even mini meals. Above all, they for sure ensure a good supply of energy that will help keep your child active and going any time of the day.







I have been associated with Babychakra for good 2 years now and this new assignment was really fun to work on. Do leave a feedback and let me know what kind of recipes / content would you like to see in future videos.

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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!



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