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Review – Little Monsters, Chandivali


I often take Nabeel to indoor soft play areas along with his gang of friends as we moms get some time for ourselves while we know the kids are safe and happy on their own. Most play areas are concentrated in South Bombay, our side of the town has a few but nothing close to home. So when, Little Monsters, a fairly new entrant in the indoor play area category opened its doors near us, we decided to check it out.

Little Monsters is the joint venture of 2 women who were bored of their banking jobs and wanted to get into the unexplored children edutainment industry. After much thought and consideration they decided to have a play area one which allows free unrestricted and undirected play in a comfortable and secure setting.

Equipment is harmless and the place is clean, which is the most important aspect I look for in an indoor play zone.


It has 2 levels, divided thoughtfully, between the café below and the play area above. It’s an average sized play area designed with the transport theme in mind and having the usual’s like trampoline, ball pool and slides. There are few life sized games namely Jenga, Snakes and ladders, Connect 4 where parents and kids can play together. Equipment is harmless and the place is clean, which is the most important aspect I look for in an indoor play zone.

Life size games corner

Little Monsters is well supervised, owners along with staff are vigilant and watch the kids while they play. The place is quite popular among locals as most of the kids have a monthly pass and usually come in on a daily basis for some recreation. Since its inception, 2 months ago, the place has already hosted 30 parties making it a popular choice among moms to celebrate their kid’s birthday. The café is ideal for mommies to indulge in some me time. We also checked out the menu which is decently priced and offers regular kids favourites.

  • Hourly rate: Rs.250/-
  • Socks compulsory to enter play area
  • Parking not available
  • Ideal for 2 to 10 year old kids
  • For more details checkout their website: Little Monsters 

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