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Colgate Magical Stories – Nabeel’s Make Believe Space Holiday

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Recently, we watched the gripping Sandra bullock starrer space thriller Gravity for our family movie night out. It was Nabeel’s first space movie experience; the visuals of fathomless space and his pretty planet left him in awe. He chuckled at the fact that one can “fly and swim” in space and prepared himself mentally to work his way towards space school in order to become an astronaut one day. Since then the big mysterious world of planets and stars has been on his mind, all the space relevant books stacked in his book shelf finally got his attention and now they keep him busy all day.
It was just mere co-incidence that Colgate sent in their new DIY activity packs themed around space for us to try and imagine how excited it got Nabeel.

colgate space pack

Colgate has come up with these simple yet educative DIY toothpaste packs where the reverse of the carton has pictures of various space elements that need to be cut and erected which the child can use to create Magical Stories. There are 3 packs titled Space Launch, Alien Planet and Space Walk all covering various space basics.

Armed with a lot of newfound knowledge of space and his dream to visit it one day, Nabeel weaved a story using the Colgate pack cut-outs, with him as the main protagonist.

Reproducing below, what Nabeel narrated.



Nabeel’s Make Believe Space Holiday

Nabeel decides to visit space during his school holidays. He prepares himself by shopping for Astronaut space suits and other accessories along with his mummy. Nabeel is going with his best friend Anisha as mummy and daddy are too busy to go with him. They don’t pack toys or games as they will “fly off” and get lost in space.
Both of them are very excited to go in the space shuttle but very uncomfortable in the heavy space suits. As the space shuttle moves away from Earth they see the hot sun and are scared by its brightness and heat. Further ahead, they can see Earth which is like a blue – green ball, it looks very tiny. There are other planets too which are much smaller and look like small beads.
They land on Moon and come out of the space shuttle to “fly”. Both of them are giggling and enjoying the experience but it is difficult for them to control their movements. They are disappointed not to spot any stars as it is day time. They see a gang of aliens with 2 heads and many arms and legs just like an octopus, coming towards them, terrified they run back to the shuttle.
In the night they dare to venture out of the space shuttle, again. There are so many stars in the sky, they also spot a shooting star and sing rhymes out of excitement. Like good kids they eat their food and sleep as the journey has been tiring.
Next morning they return back to Earth as they are missing everyone.

Nabeel’s holiday plan made me smile and he has promised to take me along on his next trip to Venus. Ain’t I excited? 🙂

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