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Review – Hulla Gulla Kids

Have you given up looking for decent songs to play at your child’s birthday party? Do you dread at the thought of your child not only dancing to but also humming rowdy Bollywood dance numbers?
Presenting Hulla Gulla Kids (HGK), an online source of audio-video dance along songs, for kids aged 2 to 8, with hilarious lyrics, upbeat music and educative content.

Hulla Gulla Kids songs are curated and executed by an enthusiastic team of mothers and approved by an in-house Kids Squad.
Mirabelle and Meera, 2 creative moms from the fields of music and art put their years of experience into the making of these dance along family songs that revolve around everyday Indian life and culture. The soundtracks are original, very Indian and have decent lyrics which you wouldn’t mind your kids singing.
“While nursery rhymes are in place they are not good enough for today’s kids who want their own songs with modern music, fun dance steps and cool lyrics” explains Mirabelle, who has written, sung, choreographed and also featured in all the song videos along with her cute daughter Sivaanaa.

Mirabelle & Sivaanaa

“The basic idea of creating such kind of content is to keep kids connected with their Indian roots by way of fun, humour and clean entertainment” explains Mirabelle.

Launched in November 2016 the channel has already captured quite an audience with it 3 foot –tapping songs.
For the very first song they picked scenes from everyday life found on the Indian streets and weaved a fun and upbeat composition which garnered HGK lot of recognition and praise from across the globe. Especially mothers, who were happy to play it on loop for their kids without worrying much about the content.
Their second song is educative and teaches kids about recycling simultaneously encouraging them to practice it on an everyday basis. The most recent song is based on cooking and encourages families to cook, eat and have fun together.

Read more about them at and check out their songs at

*Image Credit – Hulla Gulla Kids

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