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My Mamma Mia time

This week began on an exciting note for me. For, I was thrilled to attend a Monday morning event on parenting by a corporate giant as a Mom Influencer. After I quit my full time job to become a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom, for the uninitiated), the opportunities to attend official events almost vanished. In fact, I really missed experiencing the “Monday Morning Blues” (yes, I said that). But this Monday was going to be different and fun, I knew. After long, it was my day to “dress up and show up” for a formal event.

The event in question was an open dialogue with Johnson & Johnson Baby Products division to discuss what is  #BestforBaby. I was extended an invitation to attend the event by BabyChakra – India’s finest parenting app & website, for which I write too 🙂 Besides the above stated reason, I also saw this as an opportunity to know the truth behind all the controversy surrounding Johnson’s Baby Products and so confirmed my spot immediately. The icing on the cake was an invitation to bring the child along. With limited (almost nil) babysitting options for Nabeel I usually tend to miss out on such events and the fact that I could take Nabeel along really made me jump with joy. So, it was decided mommy will attend an official event with baby in tow to know what’s Best for Baby.

*Video source – Johnsons Baby India


The venue was Hyatt Regency, Mumbai where we received a warm welcome by Team BabyChakra. The place was bustling with 30 odd mothers, some influencers, some new moms, and some expectant mothers all eager to know more about how Johnsons is trying to facilitate the best way to care for a child, for Indian moms, through their Best for Baby initiative. A special play zone was set up to occupy the kids so that mommies could sit peacefully through the event. After the initial networking with fellow mothers, many whom I knew virtually and met face to face for the first time, the event began with Deepali, Johnson’s spokesperson, taking stage and explaining the Best for Baby idea to assist Indian moms navigate through motherhood with the right information and knowledge. She shared some good insights about baby products. Who knew the oil used for massaging a baby needs to be Vit E rich irrespective of it being natural or mineral or the pH of a substance can only be measured if it is in an aqueous state. Did you?

Afterword, the session took a fun turn when mothers were divided into teams to test out the quality and goodness of Johnson’s baby products by conducting some DIY science experiments. I never imagined washing a heavily stained piece of cloth on a dining table (psst..yes we were the first to test their newly launched laundry detergent), guess motherhood brings in all the much needed surprises of life.

What followed was a fun contest organised by BabyChakra team to test our rhyme quotient. As a fellow mom called it, “a refresher course in rhymes” for us mommies ;-). Then came the part everyone was waiting for, a QnA round where we could ask them anything and everything about their products. The most sought after question was undoubtedly about the suitability and safety of products for babies, which was answered with full honesty and confidence by Deepali, backed by figures and facts, making us restore our trust in the brand. Watch the video below to see how Johnsons clarified their stand.


The event concluded with lot of selfies, group pictures, Insta Boomerangs and of course delicious food. A lovely buffet was laid down with a dedicated menu for kids. Johnson’s gifted all participants a product hamper and Babychakra extended their online store vouchers. All in all a fun filled event with great learning and networking.

*Header group pic courtesy – Johnsons Baby India

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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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