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Review – Baby on Board Hamper

What to expect when you are expecting? Lots of pampering, of course! My pampering just got to another level when I was sent a curated pregnancy hamper for my first trimester. The hamper aptly named Baby on Board (BoB) is the product of Pamper Hamper and is a very thoughtful box full of elements that are useful for women who are undergoing the most beautiful phase of their life.

The Baby on Board hamper sent to me was attractively packed in pink & green net. The contents of the hamper were:
1. Mommylogy – Activity Book
2. Happy Mommy Cards
3. Pregnancy Keepsake Pillow
4. Baby Bump Ahead – Board Game
5. Pregnancy Cook Book – By Tarla Dalal
6. Garbh Sanskar Audio CD

Watch the hamper UnBoxing Video here and read below, my review of all the items I received in the Baby on Board – Beginning of the journey Hamper and their importance in making the pregnancy journey joyous.

1. Mommylogy – Activity Book
The Mommylogy activity and baby brain development book is a highly researched book developed after consulting Doctors, Garbhsanskar Gurus and expecting moms. The book has a set of activity, puzzles, colouring pages individually focusing on the development of the 9 months.
I personally enjoy the book while resting and when I need to jog my brain over some intellectual stuff. Even though it’s my second pregnancy, I learnt a lot about being pregnant and fetal development by doing the various activities in the book. Particularly enjoyed the colouring pages, something I indulged in after ages. Once you start, it is impossible to keep the book down. The book is a great way to wade through the lethargic, bored moods of pregnancy in a creative way.



2. Happy Mommy Cards
Happy Mommy Cards are illustrated cards that can be used as props to click pictures during pregnancy. They are a great way to capture little developments and preserve them as sweet memories. When did the baby first kick, or what was the most bizarre craving you had, etc can be captured through the cards. You can also use them as a way to announce your pregnancy to friends and family.



3. Pregnancy Keepsake Pillow
An attractive pillow that covers the 9 month journey, in a quirky manner, with illustrations and caricatures. I love its vibrant yellow tone which instantly lifts my spirits. The pillow is made of fine cloth and can be used to rest on the bed or as a back support during car travel.



4. Baby Bump Ahead – Board Game
A pregnancy themed board game specially designed for moms-to-be. The very fact already makes you feel like a queen and takes you on seventh heaven. This by far has to be the best item in the hamper. This is the ideal thing for any pregnant lady who often finds herself restricted indoors missing out on all the fun. Now, she can rejoice and gather family and friends for her indoor fun can be taken to another level. Besides the fun element the board game is a good way of understanding a pregnant lady’s journey and how exactly she feels.
I often play the game with Nabeel (my 5 yr old) who is very fond of the game. He too is learning how the baby will behave and is excited to welcome his sibling.
The game is designed on the snakes and ladder theme and has very cute pegs in the form of a baby’s hand n foot, pacifier and a feeding bottle.

5. Pregnancy Cook Book – By Tarla Dalal
Something a pregnant lady is always advised to concentrate on is a healthy diet, right from the planning to the breastfeeding stage. The right food intake is essential both for mother and the baby and a pregnancy cookbook by an expert like Tarla Dalal comes very handy. The book has simple doable recipes using common ingredients and also a lot of content related to how to choose ingredients and plan a daily diet. This book is definitely a to-be- moms best kitchen guide.

6. Garbh Sanskar Audio CD
Listening to soothing music during pregnancy is a way of creating “Happy Hormones” in the body. The Garbh Sanskar CD has a good selection of devotional and instrumental music that helps de-stress and unwind. I listen to it before sleep time which helps me sleep better and indulge in some sweet dreams 

About PamperHamper
Pamper Hamper is a one stop destination to find perfect gifts for an expecting mom and her newborn. A lot of their products are in-house and are created after thorough research and care. One can buy individual gifts or even opt for customized hampers as per the stage of pregnancy. Know more here

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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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