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Overcoming Odds with Shishu Sarothi


Recently, mankind experienced a great loss in the form of Stephen Hawking. His valuable contribution in the field of physics and cosmology is known and highly appreciated, but what is most commendable about the man is that he achieved all of this in spite of being differently-abled. His achievements are at par or even greater than most perfectly abled men and women.

We often tend to underestimate or ignore the ones who are lesser-abled than us robbing them of their rights and means of a normal life. As the quote above clearly explains; disability is nothing but the inability of people to see the ability of others.

If disabled persons are empowered and given equal opportunities then they too can live a life of dignity and respect. This is exactly the thought and foundation of Shishu Sarothi – a non-profit civil society organisation working for the empowerment, upliftment and rights of the disabled.


About Shishu Sarothi

Shishu Sarothi is a non-governmental organisation with a mission to uphold and advocate for rights of children and persons with disabilities, to ensure equal opportunities and promote their inclusion and active participation in a non discriminating barrier free environment. The organisation is solely dedicated to working for disabled persons and has set up special units that handle different aspects of a disabled person’s world.

♦ There is center for providing inclusive and vocational education for special needs kids which runs on the lines of a school. It offers Individualized Educational Programmes and has specially designed teaching and learning material.

♦ Its early intervention unit is set up not only to asses and detect early signs of disability in infants but also help stimulate their developmental functioning.

♦ Shishu Sarothi also has an in house Training and Human Resource division where government approved courses to generate trained rehabilitation professional are offered.

♦ It also houses a special counselling as well as employment unit for the disabled.

♦ Since one of the main mission of Shishu Sarothi is to fight for and protect the rights of the disabled there is a fully functional law unit covering the North East.

♦ Various services like psychological counselling, early intervention services and home management programs are offered by partnering with local bodies in North East via their OutReach Programmes.

Success Stories – Puja Das 

puja dasMeet Puja Das who was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy and Athetoid. She had delayed physical and mental development during the 1st year of her birth, basic milestones like sitting, walking, standing were achieved only after 18 months of age. After enrolling with Shishu Sarothi, she received educational and therapeutic guidance which helped overcome her disability. Eventually, she managed to get admission in a mainstream school and has won many medals in Special Olympics.



The disabled are usually the most discriminated lot of the society. They often are amongst the poor sections and are disadvantaged in most situations.

All facilities and services offered by Shishu Sarothi are economical so that the disabled who are usually with lesser means can afford them. Like every non-profit organisation, Shishu Sarothi sustains plainly on society’s support and understanding. It is only when you show one act of kindness towards them will they further pass it on to the disabled. Show that you care and support their good work for the disabled by donating in cash or kind. Click here to know how.

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  1. A wonderful organization that is spreading smiles in lives of several disabled children. We need to reach out to such deserving institutions and do our bit to better lives of such children.

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