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Review – Merries Baby Diapers

If you are a new mother what is the one thing that you are constantly struggling with? Ok…THAT one thing after trying to sleep better 🙂

For me it is finding the right diaper for my baby.


Indian diaper market is flooded with all kinds, types and brands of diapers; local as well as international. Yet, I have seldom met a mom who has found the right diaper for her baby in the first go. It’s only after several trial and error rounds the mother and baby lock in a diaper for themselves.


As a mother, what does one look for in a diaper?

Safety! A diaper that is very gentle on baby’s skin and one that doesn’t cause any irritation or rashes. The skin and diaper are in direct contact throughout day so a diaper that promises no harm to the baby is what a mother looks for in a diaper. 

Great absorption capacity and the ease of putting on and taking off the diaper are other important criteria of an ideal baby diaper.

As a baby, what does the diaper need to give?

Comfort, of course! Diapers are as good as a piece of clothing in which the baby spends 24 hrs of the day. The baby needs to feel comfortable in it; while eating, playing and sleeping.


My baby usually spends his days in cloth diapers but for nights I prefer disposable diapers with superb absorption capacity. That’s because I want to ensure good 8 hrs uninterrupted sleep for him. So the diaper in question has to work 8 hrs non stop – no leakage, no rashes and no irritation. Honestly, I was unable to find such kind of miracle diaper till date.

But after trying out Merries Pant Style diapers, I knew my search had ended.


About Merries

Merries is a premium diaper brand from Japan and is one the top selling brands of the country. It was recently launched in India and we were sent samples to try.

They offer 2 types of diapers; Tape and Pant Style.

The Merries tape and pant diaper’s unique strength is in its extreme gentleness to the baby’s skin. Tape diapers come with a 3 Layer Air-Through System. The first layer comprises a light airy, wavy mesh which helps reduce the skin contact area by half, expelling moisture and stuffiness through the gaps between the diaper and skin. The second is the absorbent layer, where the liquid is absorbed and the moisture is passed through. The third layer is entirely breathable drawing away moisture and heat from the liquid. Pant diapers, on the other hand, are equipped with unique airy waist channels, which release the heat and moisture around the waist directly through the gap between the waist gathers and the skin. These technologies help protect the baby’s skin against moisture and heat thereby preventing diaper rashes. In addition, the Merries pant diaper of S and M sizes are 2.5 times more stretchable than the product itself, ensuring a perfect fit that is not too tight around the baby’s abdomen and can be easily put-on to babies.



Our experience with Merries Pant Style Diapers

The diaper passed my 8hr test with flying colours. No leakage, no rashes and no harm to baby’s skin. I have been using them for a week now and the performance is consistent. My baby is a heavy wetter and I think if they work well on him then the diapers can work well on any baby.

I love the almost cloth like feel of the diaper which is a result of the soft and breathable fabric used.

Diaper changing session are usually very stressful because the baby howls and throws up his legs in the air due to discomfort and here you are trying to put the legs down to remove and replace the soiled diaper. In the process the soiled diaper is mostly removed and forgotten till the baby calms down. In such a case wrap and dispose off tape is helpful as a securely wrapped soiled diaper can be disposed off as time permits and possible unhygienic situations can be avoided.

The wetness indicator of the diaper is also a great feature. The yellow line that runs across the length of the diaper starts to turn green as the moisture level increases. Mothers can easily decide it’s time for a change by just looking at the diaper.

Even after prolonged use, baby’s skin doesn’t feel wet or sticky. All thanks to the ventilation layer of the diaper which is indeed a cool thing. I have found that the pee smell is also released and not trapped in with the pee.

The weaning process for my baby has just started which means poop can be of varied texture and consistency, all of it is well received and none leaks through the hem of the well fitted diaper.


Merries diaper brand is exclusively retailed through Amazon website.

The MRP of Merries tape diapers for new born are INR 1099 (60 pieces) and INR 549 (24 pieces). The MRPs of Merries small sized pant diapers are Rs 1599 (62 pieces), medium Rs 1599 (58 pieces), large INR 1499 (44 pieces) and XL INR 1499 (38 pieces).

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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!


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