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Review – Scotty’s WanderQuest Travel Activity Boxes


We are a travel obsessed family. I particularly have been bitten by the travel bug ever since I planned the family’s first trip to Europe some years ago. The entire thrill of planning and then executing the trip on one’s own is so addictive; I can never get enough of it.

Nabeel, my 6 yr old has already visited 5 countries till now and countless local destinations. He has been exposed to so much thanks to the trips we make and we just don’t want to stop. Travel is indeed the best way to know more about people, places and life in general!

Of course, going on a holiday is not possible that frequently considering the school routine, work commitments, monetary aspect, etc, however we don’t stop exploring. Travel videos, documentaries, books, etc are the sources through which we introduce Nabeel to the world and its inhabitants.


Travel themed monthly subscription boxes for the young traveler

I recently came across a new concept through which kids can learn about the world in a fun and interesting manner. Through Scotty’s WanderQuest Travel Themed Activity boxes.

Scotty’s WanderQuest travel themed activity box is the brain child of a mother, Shruti Agarwal, who realized that travel and exposure to different cultures and places can broaden a child’s outlook.

She came up with this unique idea of letting the kids find out on their own about the world in a creative way from the safety of their homes. Also a good way to keep little minds busy during free time.

The activity boxes are a great way of feeding the curious minds of little explorers and adding to their general knowledge about the globe


The boxes are subscription based and meant for the age group 6 to 12. They let the child discover the world in a fun and entertaining manner with the help of Scotty the Tortoise, who loves travelling and is going on a round trip of the world. Every month the child is introduced to a new country and learns in detail about the culture, food, language, geography as well as history of the country.



We tried the Japan and Italy boxes of Wander Quest. Each box includes an informative booklet about the country, a DIY project and activities like puzzles, colouring, stickers, craft, etc based on the country. 

Nabeel was thrilled to make a live Volcano at home following the instructions given in the Japan Box. He learnt about Geisha, Sudoku and the Bullet Train through the information booklet.


The Italy box had a puppet making activity of his favorite story character – Pinocchio.  The Italy map challenge got Nabeel excited as he could recollect few moments from his trip to Italy.

puppet making
Pinocchio Puppet Making


Nabeel now cannot stop quizzing his friends about Pasta shapes and Leonardo’s Inventions all of which he learnt through the Italy Box.

Scotty’s WanderQuest boxes can be bought as 3 month or 6 month subscription. At present they have 6 country themed boxes; the subscription also comes with a huge world map and a travel passport. Kids can mark the country on the map and stamp the passports with the visa for the virtual tour they are going to embark. There is a little Treasure Hunt activity which is based on all the leanings and results in assured gifts on submitting things online.


I personally learnt so many things about the countries. The activities might be for kids but the knowledge in there is for adults and kids alike!

I like the fact that unlike other activity boxes which are based on topics like science, maths, etc which the child anyway is exposed to during school hours these boxes bring out the explorer in the child. They help the child learn about the world, one country at a time.


Know more about these Travel Themed Activity Boxes here.

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