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Bohri White Sauce Cutlets (chicken)


bohri white sauce cutlets

Chicken Cutlets are those tender cakes of meat popularly served as starters across the global and eaten by dunking in variety of hot and tangy sauces. The term cutlet is of English origin and actually refers to a piece of meat which has been flavoured, crumbed and fried. However, over the years the dish has seen many variations and today any round little cake that has been coated and fried is quickly given the name Cutlet.

Well, now that you have a little background of the CUTLET let me come to today’s recipe – White Sauce Cutlets made the Bohri way.

Bohri White Sauce Cutlets are a very popular snack made commonly as Iftar food during the month of Ramzaan. It is also a popular menu item for other Bohri gatherings.

Bohri cutlets are moist and cheesy on the inside with a thin crisp coating on the outside. The most distinguishing and main flavour giving ingredient of the cutlets is the White Sauce that is used to bind all the ingredients together. Unlike, the common binding – boiled potatoes that is used for most cutlets these days, the white sauce makes an excellent moist and flavourful binder for the Bohri Cutlets. Liquid used for making White Sauce is the Chicken Stock which imparts a good flavour to the entire dish. At times, a combination of stock and milk help make the cutlets rich.

Shredded chicken and minced vegetables are got together with the help of the Thick White Sauce also known as Panada, further bits of cheese, boiled noodles and chopped nuts are added as desired to UP the flavour and feel quotient of the cutlets. The cutlets are then shaped and rolled in semolian (rawa) or fine vermicelli. Before frying the cutlets are dipped in beaten egg, this gives the cutlets soft as well as crisp (due to semolina) exterior.

These cutlets are a very good make ahead option for those lazy no cook days or sudden guest arrivals. Once the cutlets are shaped and before coating they are good to freeze for upto a month (or even more if you like). To use the frozen cutlets, thaw them for 30 minutes and then coat and fry.

The cutlets can also be taken along during travel as they are dry to carry and can be quickly mashed and rolled up in roti or bread to make a filling meal.

My kids love these cutlets, with added cheese of course. I oblige and slyly add extra veggies from my side. Both sides happy πŸ™‚

chicken cutlets



1 cup finely shredded chicken
1.5 cups mixed vegetables, minced (corn, carrot, capsicum, French beans, cabbage)
2 tablespoons butter
Β½ teaspoon Red chilli powder
A pinch of turmeric
1 egg
Fine semolina / rawa, for coating
Β½ litre Oil, for frying
Salt & Freshly ground pepper, as per taste

For the thick White Sauce
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons minced garlic
4 tablespoons refined wheat flour / maida
1 cup any or combination of these liquids – water /chicken stock / milk (stock for added flavour, milk adds richness, water ,if nothing is available)
Β½ cup grated cheese (processed or mozzarella)
Salt & Freshly ground pepper, as per taste


Step 1 – Start with preparing the white sauce, melt butter in a pan and saute garlic in it.
Step 2 – Add flour and whisk well till you get a nutty aroma.
Step 3 – Switch off gas and whisk in 2 tablespoon of the liquid. Mix till it makes a smooth paste.
Step 4 – Pour in remaining liquid, mix well. Add the grated cheese and seasonings.
Step 5 – Switch on the gas once again and whisk the sauce over low flame till it thickens and almost reaches dough stage.
Step 6 – Check and adjust seasonings and keep white sauce aside to cool till you prepare other ingredients.
Step 7 – In another pan, melt butter and sautΓ© vegetables till they turn soft.
Step 8 – Mix in the shredded chicken, add red chilli powder, turmeric, salt and pepper. SautΓ© for 5 minutes, turn off flame.
Step 9 – Combine the white sauce and vegetable – chicken mixture. You should be able to shape cutlets out of it. If the mixture seems soft, refrigerate it for 20 – 30 minutes and try again. Shape into 6 cutlets (refer image).
Step 10 – Directly coat the cutlets with semolina / rawa before placing on a plate.
Step 11 – In a wide bowl break the egg, beat it well and season with salt & pepper.
Step 12 – Gently dip cutlets into the egg and fry them in hot oil. Only the coating needs to be cooked so avoid frying cutlets for more than a minute on each side. Remove and serve immediately.

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