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Easy Peanut Butter

How many #peanutbutter fans here?
Time to Thank Me!
Presenting a very easy doable method of preparing your lovable spread.

Peanut Butter is your ultimate spread filled with goodness and yumminess. A favorite of everyone in the family, this is delicious spread can transform anyone’s mood.

Benefits of Peanut Butter are many in comparison to other spreads. Firstly, Homemade Peanut Butter is all NATURAL. Has copious amounts of protein, fibre and Vitamins. It has high fat content but that is good fat which is ok to consume. Plus, Peanut Butter is your perfect VEGAN option in spreads.

Peanut Butter makes an excellent ingredient too..checkout below the options.
✔Shredded Vegetables n Peanut Butter Wraps
✔Dessert topping
✔Cake Batter Flavouring ( I have a recipe here )
✔Salad Dressing


  1. Take 1 cup plain peanuts. The ones used for poha or sabudana.
  2. Roast well on griddle or oven. Important step do not skip.
  3. If with skin then de skin and cool.
  4. Now transfer to wet grinder jar and process.
  5. Keep checking after 30 seconds. Don’t forget to scrape the sides of the jar before you start again. The texture will change from powder to grainy to a smooth butter gradually. Refer image. . That’s it! Peanut Butter is ready. Dig in!


1 cup peanuts yield 1/2 cup butter
Days when its hot, refrigerate. Days when its cool, store in air tight jar at room temperature.
Avoid storing it for a long period especially when kept at room temperature.

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