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Sev Ladoo

Sev ladoos bring back yummy childhood memories for me. Sev ladoos were made by mom as an Eid sweet for Eid ul Fitr. Brother and I absolutely relished this sweet treat and always looked forward to eating endless ladoos. Mom knew our love for the ladoos, she would make batches of frozen ladoos which would last for months.

The texture of Sev Ladoos is unlike any

I want to give my kids the same experience and memories hence I have decided to make it my Eid tradition too. However, this year I was a bit late in making ladoos but managed making them before the Eid month ended.

Sev ladoos are a welcome change from the ladoos we eat commonly. They are made using good quantity of mawa and are very different in texture.

Making Sev ladoos is quite simple. Shaping them is a little tedious but once your hand is set then there is no looking back.

Things needed to make ladoos are sev (roasted thin vermicelli), sugar, powdered nuts and mawa (dried milk).

The texture of Sev Ladoos is unlike any.

They melt in the mouth and at the same time have an amazing crunch to them. That’s the sign of perfectly made ladoos.

Ingredients for Sev Ladoo

Makes 15 big size ladoos
1 cup roasted sev (use thin vermicelli)
150 gms mawa (dried milk)
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup powdered nuts (almonds + pista)
1 teaspoon cardamom powder (elaichi)
Some sev for coating the ladoos

Steps to make Sev Ladoos

A quick step by step video on
How to make sev ladoos

Step 1 – Lightly roast sev in a thick bottomed pan. Do this on a low flame and if possible using your fingers. Since the sev is already roasted we don’t want to over roast it. Using fingers can help gauge the heat, it should be roasted to a point you can touch with bare hands and then switch off flame. Keep aside.

Step 2 – In a mixing bowl, mix sugar, powdered nuts and cardamom powder.

Step 3 – Crumble mawa (dried milk) and mix it well with your hands. Due to body heat the mawa will release fat and help in binding everything together.

Step 4 – Crush sev and add to the bowl. Mix using fingertips.

Step 5 – Now start to shape into balls. With this recipe you should be able to make 15 big ladoos.

Step 6 – Once ladoos are shaped roll them in sev for a crisp coating. Sev doesn’t stick easily to the ladoos so the trick is to lightly roll the ladoo in your palms for the fat to release again this will help the sev stick.

Step 7 – Once rolled and coated place ladoos in air tight container in the refrigerator for atleast few hours before serving. Refrigeration helps bring out the flavour and enhances the crunchiness.

Do give these yummy ladoos a try!

If you do, please leave back your review in comments below.

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