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Edify International School, Pune – A School with a Difference

Edify International School - The best way to prepare your child for a constantly changing world is to start by choosing and enrolling them in a school that not only offers local but also a global curriculum.

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Brownie Tart with Oats Crust – Christmas Special

Just realised that the one recipe I have been consistent with every year is that of a Christmas Special treat. Guess it’s all about the feel good factor that Christmas gets with it. Plus, there are so many traditional, non-traditional, unheard, famous, etc recipes out there for Christmas which have always intrigued me. This year… Continue reading Brownie Tart with Oats Crust – Christmas Special

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How to Best Store Ingredients? Tips by Chef Kunal Kapoor

Cooking for me is an art form based on science the core of which is correct understanding of ingredients and how well they work with each other. For best results in kitchen, one must learn the basics of selecting high quality ingredients and storing them right so they last longer and remain fresh.   Along… Continue reading How to Best Store Ingredients? Tips by Chef Kunal Kapoor

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Review – Scotty’s WanderQuest Travel Activity Boxes

  We are a travel obsessed family. I particularly have been bitten by the travel bug ever since I planned the family’s first trip to Europe some years ago. The entire thrill of planning and then executing the trip on one’s own is so addictive; I can never get enough of it. Nabeel, my 6… Continue reading Review – Scotty’s WanderQuest Travel Activity Boxes

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Review – Merries Baby Diapers

If you are a new mother what is the one thing that you are constantly struggling with? Ok…THAT one thing after trying to sleep better 🙂 For me it is finding the right diaper for my baby.   Indian diaper market is flooded with all kinds, types and brands of diapers; local as well as… Continue reading Review – Merries Baby Diapers