Homemade Churros


Just like the Deep Fried Oreos, I learnt about Churros on my favourite food show Carnival Eats. Since then I have been itching to try some.

My brother is currently in Spain and I have been coaxing him daily to try Churros. I don’t know if he tried them yet but the very thought of Churros made me make some in my kitchen.

Churros are essentially a Spanish – Mexican dessert popularly sold as street food. Outside these countries they are treated as a dessert and served with lip smacking dips or accompaniments. But the chocolate sauce happens to be its best pal.

mexican churros

Churros is made using Choux Paste – a flour dough consisting of eggs which is extremely difficult to get right. When I found this eggless easy recipe of Churros here, I got excited and tried it the very next day.

The Churros originated in Spain and then brought to Mexico by the colonists. There is a slight difference between the 2 versions (not sharing here due to ambiguity in reasons I found) but both are deep fried and look and taste the same. These are thick, 3 to 4 inch long strips of fried dough, coated with sugar and served with a sweet dip. They are always served warm and fresh; never fried and kept beforehand.

homemade churros

⇒Churros work great as a party snack or when friends get-together.

⇒The dough can be made in large quantity and frozen to be used as and when required.

⇒Try serving Churros with variety of sweet dips or sauce.

⇒You can also try flavouring the dough to have a burst of flavours in your mouth when you bite into this flaky goodness!


Homemade Churros Recipe

1 cup flour
1.5 tablespoons sugar
½ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup water
Oil for frying
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
Chocolate Sauce to serve

Step 1 – Take water, sugar, salt and oil in a thick bottomed pan. Place over medium heat and bring it to a boil.
Step 2 – Take off flame and add flour to the pan. Mix vigorously using a whisk, till everything comes together to form a ball.
Step 3 – Take a piping bag and attach a star shaped nozzle to it.
Step 4 – Put half of the flour mixture into the bag and test by piping some of the dough onto a plate.
Step 5 – Heat oil, about 3 to 4 inches deep, in a wok / kadhai. Pipe out 3 inch long churros and fry over medium heat till they are crisp and light brown on the outside.
Step 6 – Remove on an absorbent paper and slightly cool.
Step 7 – In a bowl, mix powdered sugar and cinnamon powder well. Toss the churros lightly in the sugar- cinnamon mix. Pick each Churro, tap off extra coating and place on a serving plate. Serve immediately along with Chocolate Sauce.

This recipe makes makes approx 20 to 25 Churros

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Yummy & Healthy Sweet Breakfast Recipes for Kids

We generally tend to look out for savoury recipes for kids especially when it comes to breakfast. That is one important meal of the day which needs to be taken and so all efforts are on finding yummy, nutritious breakfast ideas for them. Kids prefer eating sweet stuff more in comparison to savoury; have you ever considered preparing something sweet for breakfast for them? Also if you notice the regular, ready to eat breakfast items are commonly sweet in taste..why is that? Because, dishes that are sweet in taste please kids more than anything else.

Here are 3 sweet breakfast recipes that I shared on BabyChakra for its readers. You can check them out and try for your child.


  1. Chocolate Porridge – To witness a warm bowl of freshly prepared porridge gobbled up in minutes by the child is any mothers dream ..hehehe. Such dreams shall definitely turn true if you try out this super nutritious and yummy chocolate flavoured porridge which is on the lines of dalia.

Chocolate Porridge / Chocolate Dalia Recipe 

Chocolate Porridge


  1. Date & Nut Milkshake – Yummy, wholesome and high on energy this milkshake tastes very similar to chocolate milkshake which means the kids can never say no to it! A huge glass and your child will be energized for a good part of the day.

Date & Nut Milkshake Recipe

date and nut milkshake


  1. Flapjacks – Flapjacks are sweet energy bars made out of oats. They are rich in folic acid and calcium and a very popular treat for kids. When there is no time to prepare something fresh, these make-ahead goodies are great are your ideal breakfast fix for kids. They work wonders with a glass of milk and keep the child energetic for a long duration.

Flapjacks Recipe



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Deep Fried Oreos

I have been guilty of posting many back to back non- recipe posts lately. So, let me make it up with this utterly indulgent and hassle free recipe of Deep Fried Oreos.

deep fried oreos

I first learnt about them in one of the episodes of “Carnival Eats”. I am a big fan of the show, every episode makes me go “ooh and aah”, if nothing else entices me to visit America, the drool worthy treats at its many state fairs surely will 😉
Deep Fried Oreos were whipped yesterday to celebrate Nabeel’s 5th birthday; he baked himself a brownie (yes, he did…so proud 🙂 ) and I made him something using his favourite biscuits.

I love how everyday kitchen ingredients can easily be transformed into something so delicious within no time.

It was a last minute decision to make them. I quickly whisked the batter while the Oreos chilled in the freezer, heated the oil and, voila! the deep fried goodness was ready in flat 15 minutes. I love how everyday kitchen ingredients can easily be transformed into something so delicious within no time.
I tried both variants of Oreo; original and chocolate but the original was the best for its sweet icing perfectly complimented the mildly sweet batter. I prepared the batter from scratch using eggs but for a much quicker process you can directly use pancake mix. Also, omit eggs and add 1 tsp baking powder to the batter, if you wish.

batter fried oreo

The batter fried Oreos added to the celebrations and were thoroughly enjoyed by Nabeel. He fondly called them “Oreo Pakoras” 🙂 


Deep Fried Oreos Recipe

Oreo biscuits, about 15 to 20
Oil for deep frying

For the batter
1 cup refined wheat flour / maida
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 egg
½ cup to ¾ cup milk (this depends on the consistency)
½ teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt

Step 1 – Place the Oreo biscuit packs in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.
Step 2 – Whisk egg, till frothy and thick, in a big bowl.
Step 3 – Fold in the sugar, flour, baking powder and salt.
Step 4 – Pour in the milk and lightly mix using a whisk.
Step 5 – Let the batter rest for 10 minutes, meanwhile heat good amount of oil to deep fry Oreos.
Step 6 – Dip 4 to 5 Oreo biscuits in the batter , ensure its coated well from all sides and place in heated oil.
Step 7 – Fry them till golden brown and remove on an absorbent paper.
Step 8 – Let it cool a bit before serving. Dust with powdered sugar and serve a dipping chocolate sauce along, if desired.

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5 fun breakfast ideas for kids

Breakfast is an important meal of the day for both adults and kids. Kids, in particular, need to eat a wholesome breakfast to face the challenging day ahead. We all know about the cold war between food and kids and how difficult it is to get the right thing in their system; unless of course the food is presented in a very attractive manner to them or when they whip up treats on their own. Here are some fun ways kids can make their own breakfast, with little help from parents, and relish it too.


5 fun ways to involve kids in making their breakfast and eating it too!

Read through the 5 fun breakfast suggestions involving kids to bring a stop to all your kids breakfast woes.


Chocolate Pancake Pizza

1) Chocolate Pancake PizzaWant kids to eat pancakes in a fun way? Let them convert pancakes to yummy chocolate pizzas. Kids can layer pancakes with maple syrup, sliced fruits and then grate oodles of chocolate over it before lightly baking it. The goodness of wheat pancakes, fruits and chocolate will make your child happy and ready to face the day.


Rainbow Toast  (Image credit:  www.learnplayimagine.com )

2) Rainbow Toast – I found this incredibly good looking breakfast idea on the net. With some edible rainbow food colours, the humble bread slice can be turned into something so appealing that kids will always look forward to breakfast. Mix some edible colors with milk and paint a rainbow on a bread slice, toast the slice and enjoy. For detailed procedure read here.


Flavored straws are a great way to perk up a boring glass of milk

3) Strawesome Milkshake – Have you bought flavoured straws for your kids, yet? Yummy flavoured straws from Sipahh are a wonderful way to spike up a boring glass of milk at the breakfast table. All that the child has to do is rip open the individual straw packet, dip it in milk and sip through to enjoy instant delicious milkshake. Available in 10 exciting flavours, kids get to indulge in a different milkshake every day.

4) Assembling Quesadillas – Mexican quesadillas stuffed with vegetables and kidney beans make for a wholesome breakfast that will keep the child full for hours. Let your child build his own quesadillas by laying out its ingredients in different bowls on the breakfast table. Things required are tortillas, sautéed mixed vegetables or boiled shredded meat of your choice, mashed kidney beans, grated cheese, herbs and seasonings. Once the quesadillas are layered, help the child lightly toast or grill them in a pan.


Fruit Skewers for breakfast – artistic & fulfilling

5) Fruit Shashlik – Fruits are the most ideal thing to consume for breakfast. Lay an array of fruits at the table and ask kids to arrange them in an artistic way on skewers to make Fruit Shashlik or Fruit Kabobs. Instead of diced / cubed pieces of fruits use special cutters to cut fruit and make the entire breakfast activity interesting and fulfilling. Honey or maple syrup can be drizzled on the fruit skewers for added flavour.
Do try these simple yet interesting breakfast ideas involving kids this holiday season and let me know how your kids enjoyed them. Do you have any breakfast idea involving kids? If yes, then please share in the comments below.

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Homemade Eggless Donuts

Nabeel has been craving donuts lately. Don’t ask me how happy I am to see his growing interest in everything sweet, baked (Donuts are fried though!) and sinful!!!

I finally have a partner in crime 😉

Eggless Donuts
Where I stay 3 most popular donut companies have their outlets adjacent to one another. But, this time I dint want to take the easy route of heading to one of the donuts shops and buy their products.
For 2 reasons; One, because I had some fresh yeast lying in my fridge and wanted to use it asap as it doesn’t have a very long shelf life and Two, the blogging keeda (mania) has got onto me so much that I now want to prepare, cook, shoot and share everything possible on the blog. Dint I mention how addictive I have become to blogging in my last post here 🙂
So one fine rainy evening, post early dinner Nabeel and Mumma were all set to make donuts. I found this very easy recipe of eggless donuts on the internet but as usual I never used it as it is, it was tweaked as per my requirement. We mixed and we rolled and we fried…all done in flat 2 hours. Nabeel enjoyed every minute of the donut making session and the indulgence after that!

Homemade Doughnuts
It’s a fun task to undertake with kids, they just love all the shaping and decorating part of sweets.

Take my word; try it out with your child this weekend.


Refined wheat flour / Maida – 2 cups
Salt – ½ teaspoon
Butter, melted – ¼ cup
Vanilla essence – ½ teaspoon
Warm milk – ½ cup
Sugar – 2 tablespoons
Fresh yeast – 1 tablespoons OR Dry Yeast – ½ tablespoon
Oil – for frying


Step 1 – On a dry surface or in a dry bowl put flour, salt, butter and vanilla essence.
Step 2 – In another bowl, mix milk, sugar, yeast well and keep aside till light froth appears on the surface of the mixture.
Step 3 – Add the yeast mixture to the flour mixture and knead the dough till smooth and pliable. Use more milk to knead, if required.
Step 4– Cover the dough with a damp cotton cloth and leave it to rise for 20 to 25 minutes.
Step 5 – Once risen, take the dough and punch out all the air from it.
Step 6 – Roll the dough flat to about ¼ inch thickness and cut out rings using a donut cutter. If you do not have a donut cutter then use a 2.5 inch diameter disc and for the hole in the center use a bottle cap. Refer image for better understanding.

Step 7 – Place the cut out donuts on a dusted tray or plate and cover it with a moist cloth. Let the donuts double in size.
Step 8 – While the donuts rise, heat enough oil for frying them in a wide wok or kadhai. Ensure temperature is not too high else the donuts will burn from the outside and remain raw inside.
Step 9 – Fry the donuts on medium heat till light brown, remove them on an absorbent paper.
Step 10 – Dust the hot donuts with some powdered sugar and cinnamon powder or try the toppings given below.

Doughnut toppings

Donut Topping Ideas

Classic Glazed Donuts – Mix icing sugar with little water to make a thick glaze. Dip cooled donuts, halfway, in the glaze and place on butter paper to dry.

Chocolate Truffle Donuts – Prepare chocolate truffle by mixing equal parts of milk chocolate & hot cream. Cool the truffle till desired coating consistency is achieved. Dip the donuts (they should not be hot), halfway, in the truffle, top with coloured sprinkles and serve.

Peanut Topped Donuts – You can make a peanut topping for donuts by crushing some ground peanut chikki and sprinkling it on hot donuts. If chikki is not handy, then spread chunky peanut butter over cooled donuts.
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Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

It’s been long since I baked something using chocolate. I have been baking a variety of things, some for the blog, yes, but chocolate is the whole and sole reason I took to baking. My conscious was pricking me for not utilizing the mounted pile of compound chocolate that usually doesn’t last more than a month. So one fine weekend, to satisfy my ego and my taste buds, I pulled out a recipe of Chocolate Cake all set to bake.
The chosen recipe was off the label of a prominent brand of cocoa powder that I received (a boxful) as a gift lately. A very simple, one bowl type recipe where you just dump everything in a vessel, mix it and bake it. Yes, that simple! My kinda recipe, especially when I am impatient to bite into one of my chocolate creations.
I had never baked cupcakes so I decided to spoon the batter into cupcake moulds and since this greedy soul (me) was craving chocolate I decided to add chocolate chunks to the batter (as chips would have failed here). After using chocolate chunks in Double Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies, I have become a fan and try to use them wherever I can for the XXXtra special chocolate extravagance.

Chocolate Muffin

The sight of every cake makes Nabeel sing “Happy Birthday to you”. That is how he relates to cakes after attending the many birthday celebrations of classmates in school. So whenever I bake or buy cakes/cupcakes Nabeel has to sing and cut the cake with a knife. Sadly, he doesn’t enjoy eating the cakes with same enthusiasm. I hope that changes soon praying.
I made the cupcakes on a Sunday morning and they easily made up for the “absent” breakfast (that I never would have managed to make). Unintentionally, our Sunday begun with a celebration and the day was well spent in good spirits.

Why don’t you bake these moist cupcakes and celebrate too, in Nabeel style? 🙂 

Chocolate Chunk Cupcake Recipe

Ingredients to make 12 to 15 cupcakes
1 cup castor sugar
1 cup flour
3 tablespoons good quality cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
A pinch of salt
1 egg
½ cup milk
¼ cup oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup hot water
Dark chocolate (approx 150grams)
Step 1 – Heat oven to 180 C. Line cupcake tray with wrapper and keep ready.
Step 2 – Cut the chocolate into bite sized chunks.
Step 3 – Except the chocolate chunks and hot water, add all ingredients in a bowl and beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. If mixing manually, whisk till the ingredients combine well to for a smooth batter.
Step 4 – Slowly mix in water, it’s going to be a thin batter compared to usual cake batter. Do not panic.
Step 5 – Pour in the prepared tray and bake for good 30 to 35 minutes.
Step 6 – Keep looking through the oven glass door, just when you think the cupcakes have risen and will be ready in a few minutes, remove the tray and dip the chocolate chunks in the cupcakes. You have to be real quick here as the cupcakes might sink if the temperature fluctuation is for too long. Also make sure the chocolate chunks are not placed on top but dipped right in covered at least 80% by the batter. If they are left on top they will burn. Use your judgement to gauge if the cupcakes have baked enough to hold the chunks.
Step 7 – When ready remove the cupcakes and let them cool before indulging.

Chocolate Cupcake

Tips: 1) If you find the chunks are burning in spite of being dunked well in the cupcakes then lightly place foil on top and bake.
2) The cupcakes are not too sweet..the chunks lend their light sweetness and bitterness to the flavour. Choose which chocolate you want to use, accordingly.
3) Since the batter of this recipe is going to be very thin it is not a good idea to mix the chunks in it before baking. Thus, refrain from doing so.

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Playdate Menu – Post 3

Playdate Menu 1

Hi there! This is a continued post of Play date Menu, which is divided into 3 posts. If you haven’t read Post 1, read it here it has the recipes of Melon & Pineapple Drink and Penne & Chunky Cheese. Click here to read Post 2 which has the recipe of Mince n Cheese Quesadillas. And, this is Post 3 which has recipes of Brownie Cup Sundae and Banana & Chocolate Sandwiches.

Brownie Cup Sundae

Brownie Cup Sundae Recipe
I had once seen a perfectly styled image of brownie cups in a food magazine, since then it has been on my mind and this is my attempt to re-create it. I have used the cups to make a vanilla sundae topped with things that kids savour.
Honestly, more than the kids the mother went gaga over the idea and now I have been assigned a task of teaching them how to make the cups during the next play date. You may read below to learn the same 🙂

For the Brownie Cups (approx. 10 cups)
100grams butter
100 grams dark chocolate
100grams refine flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt
150grams castor sugar
2 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla essence

Other Ingredients
Vanilla Ice cream
Sundae Toppings like nuts, dried fruit, coloured sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, rice crispies, fresh fruit etc
Oil for greasing the cake trays

Brownie Cup Sundae1

Step 1 – Melt chocolate and keep aside to cool.
Step 2 – In a clean vessel, beat butter and sugar with an electric beater till the mixture appears light and fluffy.
Step 3 – Add in the eggs, one by one, and beat lightly taking care not to curdle the batter.
Step 4 – Add in vanilla essence and the melted chocolate. Mix lightly by hand.
Step 5 – Fold in all the remaining dry ingredients and pour the mixture into a greased cupcake tray. Fill each cupcake mould 3/4.
Step 6 – Place the tray in a hot oven which has a temperature of 180C.
IMPORTANT Step 7 –We don’t want the brownie to bake completely. Once the sides are firm with the centre still wet remove the tray from the oven. Take another identical cupcake tray, grease it from the bottom (not in the mould) and place it on the just out of the oven tray. Lightly press it on the baked cupcakes. This is going to be messy with the uncooked batter oozing out from the sides. Wipe it and keep the tray back in the oven (along with the second tray) to bake the unbaked mixture. Remember we are making cups for the sundae. I dint have a second identical tray so I used the individual small cake moulds. Please refer to the picture for a better understanding of how this step has to be executed.

Baking the Cup
Step 8 – In 5 minutes or so the brownie cups would be ready. Remove from oven and let it cool. Gently pick up the top tray. This is going to be tricky and only if the top tray was perfectly greased from the outside will you be able to remove it without any hassles. What you see in the original tray are soft and cute brownie cups waiting to be served. Remove them from the tray and keep aside to cool completely
Step – 9 When you are ready to serve the sundae, place a scoop or 2 of the vanilla ice cream in one brownie cup, pour some chocolate syrup and sprinkle different toppings. You can also do a hot and cold sundae by warming the brownie cups lightly before assembling the sundae. Make sure this is served as well as eaten quickly.

Banana n Chocolate Sandwiches

Banana & Chocolate Sandwiches Recipe
Since fruits are something Nabeel has not made friends with, I am constantly thinking of coming up with creative recipes using fruits. It was a Eureka moment one fine morning while consuming my daily dose of banana; I came up with this idea of sandwiching chocolate in between banana slices. Yummmyy!! Banana and chocolate is marriage made in heaven you can’t go wrong with it and neither can anyone resist it, yeah not even banana hating kids 🙂 . So I knew, the next time I had to prepare something that kids would relish it was this. Here goes the extremely simple recipe.

2 firm yet ripe bananas (please don’t use very ripe bananas they will never make good sandwiches)
1/ 2 cup mixed grated chocolate, a combination of dark and milk (depending upon your taste increase or decrease the type of chocolate)
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoons finely chopped walnuts

Step 1 – Prepare the chocolate sauce by melting chocolate in a heavy bottomed pan. Since this is very less quantity of chocolate it is best melted in a microwave or hot oven. Melting over the gas stove is tricky and there are more chances of the chocolate scorching. Take your pick.
Step 2 – Once melted take off heat and add in milk. Milk is to get a shine and adjust the consistency of the sauce; you may add more or less milk, accordingly. However, remember we need a chocolate spread (not really a sauce) that will not run out from the sides.
Step 3 – Few minutes before serving, cut banana into even no. of thick slices (refer to picture). Place half the slices on the serving plate, spread the chocolate sauce over them and sprinkle little walnuts. Top with remaining slices of banana to create individual sandwiches.


With this recipe ends my Play date Menu. Hope you find the recipes easy to follow and recreate. Would love to get your feedback. Also, feel free to share some of your personal favourite kid friendly recipes.

If you missed out on the earlier 2 posts worry not they can be read here & here.

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