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Potato Garlic Bites

An easy and quick snack for everyone. A good change from pakoras for monsoon cravings. Kids love it and so do adults Potato Garlic Bites Recipe Makes 24 (as seen)1cup mashed potatoes3 tbsp oil3 tbsp chopped garlic1/2 tsp chilli powderSalt1/2 cup water1/4 cup rice flour2 tbsp cornflourOil for fryingStep 1 - Heat oil in a… Continue reading Potato Garlic Bites

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Super Juicy Homemade Chicken Nuggets

After my last post on Double Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies, a lot of friends wrote in saying they were surprised to find me blogging, especially because I was blogging as a mom and not a regular recipe developer. The reason is simple after being a mom I concentrate more on creating dishes which will please… Continue reading Super Juicy Homemade Chicken Nuggets