Yummy & Healthy Sweet Breakfast Recipes for Kids

We generally tend to look out for savoury recipes for kids especially when it comes to breakfast. That is one important meal of the day which needs to be taken and so all efforts are on finding yummy, nutritious breakfast ideas for them. Kids prefer eating sweet stuff more in comparison to savoury; have you ever considered preparing something sweet for breakfast for them? Also if you notice the regular, ready to eat breakfast items are commonly sweet in taste..why is that? Because, dishes that are sweet in taste please kids more than anything else.

Here are 3 sweet breakfast recipes that I shared on BabyChakra for its readers. You can check them out and try for your child.


  1. Chocolate Porridge – To witness a warm bowl of freshly prepared porridge gobbled up in minutes by the child is any mothers dream ..hehehe. Such dreams shall definitely turn true if you try out this super nutritious and yummy chocolate flavoured porridge which is on the lines of dalia.

Chocolate Porridge / Chocolate Dalia Recipe 

Chocolate Porridge


  1. Date & Nut Milkshake – Yummy, wholesome and high on energy this milkshake tastes very similar to chocolate milkshake which means the kids can never say no to it! A huge glass and your child will be energized for a good part of the day.

Date & Nut Milkshake Recipe

date and nut milkshake


  1. Flapjacks – Flapjacks are sweet energy bars made out of oats. They are rich in folic acid and calcium and a very popular treat for kids. When there is no time to prepare something fresh, these make-ahead goodies are great are your ideal breakfast fix for kids. They work wonders with a glass of milk and keep the child energetic for a long duration.

Flapjacks Recipe



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Till then, Love Being a Mommy!



Rendezvous with Dr.Hema Priya – A Recipe Blogger

“Opportunist is someone who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle”

Keeping the above in mind it can be aptly said that our Inspiring Momma for this month’s Rendezvous is truly an opportunist who decided to take charge of the situation and help out other confused and curious moms using her education and experience. I am talking about none other than Dr. HemaPriya Natesan, a MBBS, a recipe blogger and a mother of 2 little moppets 🙂


Read the Rendevouz below to know more about her.

BAM: Tell us something about yourself.
Dr. Hema Priya: Well, to start off with I am a mother of 2 kids; a boy who is 6 and a cheerful girl who is 15months. Other than that I am an MBBS with a Fellowship in Industrial Medicine. Currently, I am the Chief Blogger of the site http://www.mylittlemoppet.com.

BAM: Wow from a doctor to a mother to a blogger. What lead to the transition?
Dr. Hema Priya: When my daughter was born I had help from my mother and mother-in-law who managed my elder one and the house for me. I just had to tend to my new born which left me with some spare time; I used it to browse the internet and became a member of many mother-child forums online. I noticed that most moms lacked the knowledge of what, when and how to feed their young ones, they needed some guidance not only from a fellow mom but someone more professional and experienced. That is when I decided to pen down articles, recipes and other related info for such mothers. This led to my blog which I eventually converted to a fully fledged owned website.

BAM: Tell us something more about your website.
Dr.Hema Priya: My website http://www.mylittlemoppet.com is exclusively meant for mothers who have a lot of queries regarding how to bring up their child by providing them the right nutrition. I post a lot of toddler recipes that have been passed on through generations in the family and which I have tried and tested on my children. Besides, the site has expert posts by nutritionists, child psychologists and paediatricians that talk about other aspects of bringing up a child.

BAM: There is a lot of technical know-how required to maintain a website. How do you manage?
Dr.HemaPriya: I am a self-taught blogger who has also learnt how to create graphics, website designing, etc. I click, edit and post photos on my own. The site was built by a software person who also manages the backend.

BAM: What are your future plans for the website?
Dr. Hemapriya: The website is doing exceptionally well now. We have 7000+ email subscribers and have traffic of 1 lakh visitors a month. To sustain, one has to constantly come up with something new in order to keep the reader come back. I plan to have a few e-cook books which the readers can download and refer to anytime. I have also started a shop on the site where baby and child related products are sold. The shop is something I plan to concentrate on for now as it needs a lot of expansion.

BAM: Now the ultimate question, I am sure most mother’s want to know the answer to. 2 kids, 1 popular website, a house to manage, how do you do it all?
Dr.HemaPriya: Hehe…yes it’s very difficult but I believe with discipline and a well-planned schedule one can achieve anything. I have house help to do the regular chores that helps me save time. While my son is away at school and the little one is sleeping I get few hours to check mails and attend to issues. Serious writing and research for the site happens in the night when both kids are asleep. There have been days when I have had my daughter in one hand and I have been typing with the other. It’s crazy at times but dedication can help achieve even the impossible 🙂

BAM: Dr. please share one of your favourite recipes from the site.
Dr. HemaPriya: I have recently discovered the joy of baking and loved making this recipe for my kids http://www.mylittlemoppet.com/homemade-paneer-wheat-biscuit-recipe-for-kids/

Hope you enjoyed our little conversation with Dr. HemaPriya. Personally, I feel her site is a haven for all mothers of new born babies. There are recipes, food guides, food charts and expert articles which you can refer without doubting the source.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

Easy Masala Rotis

Continuing in the series of Tiffin treats, here’s my second offering – Masala Rotis. Nabeel has been hogging these rotis since he was 15months old. A fellow mom at his mother-toddler class suggested I try them and since then the Masala Rotis have been his comfort food. I have always carried these rotis for our travels for Nabeel and adults alike. Only recently they vanished when Nabeel discovered his foodie side and forgot all about the humble rotis. I made them today and he was more than thrilled to devour them. What was more special about the rotis today? They were shaped using a smiley cookie cutter, a shape that Nabeel loves.

Masala Rotis
Try these rotis for your kids, they are super nutritious (no doubt) and are easy to prepare using simple readily available ingredients. The dough can be made in advance so all you have to do is roll and cook the rotis, when needed. Serve the rotis with pickle, cheese spread, ketchup or any dip/sauce of your choice. The rotis keep well wrapped in foil so you can carry them as food on the go. The Masala Rotis also make a healthy breakfast for adults.

Smiley Masala Rotis

Masala Roti Recipe
Makes 6 to 8 medium sized rotis

1 cup whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 small green chilli, finely minced (add only if your child can handle the chilli else replace with mild chilli powder)
Handful of fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped
A pinch of Turmeric powder
Salt – as per taste

Step 1 – Mix onion, green chilli, coriander, turmeric powder and salt in a bowl.
Step 2 – Take the wheat flour and start to knead the dough with 2 tablespoons of oil, add the vegetable mixture and knead using water.
Step 3 – Once the dough is ready taste it for salt and keep aside, covered, for 10 minutes.
Step 4 – Divide the dough into 8 balls. Roll each ball into a medium sized roti. If you want to make smiley rotis then cut them using the cookie cutter. Cook the rotis on a hot grilled, but on a slow flame on both sides till light spots appear. Smear oil on both sides before taking off the griddle. Serve immediately or transfer to a container.

Smiley Rotis
TIP – You can add finely grated carrots, cauliflower or cabbage to the dough, too. Powdered rolled oats or soya granules can also be added.

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Till then, love Being a Mommy!

Chicken Soup for Babies

Chicken Soup for Babies

Chicken Soup for Babies

I started non vegetarian food for my baby pretty early. At 7 months he was being fed a bowl of hearty chicken soup which helped him remain warm since it was winter then. The doctor did not advise me to do so; I merely followed what the experienced family members suggested. It was not a bad idea and Nabeel also looked forward to his soup. It’s OK to give the soup twice or thrice a week, I would not advise preparing it on a daily basis.

The soup is more like stock and not strictly chicken; it also has a few veggies and a spice or two. I add carrot and onions while boiling the soup which can be discarded on straining. A clove or a peppercorn is also added often for a nice flavour and the extra warmth they provide during winters.

My Chicken Soup for Babies Recipe is as follows:

Chicken Soup for Babies Recipe

This recipe makes enough for a one time feed for a 6 to 9 month old baby.

100 gms chicken pieces or 2 chicken wings

1/4th of an onion – cut into chunks

½ a carrot – cut into chunks

1 peppercorn or 1 clove – optional

Salt and Pepper – for taste

Step 1 – Put all the ingredients in a stock pot or deep vessel.

Boiling the soup

Step – 2 Add enough water to cover them and boil the soup till the chicken is cooked. A good way to know if the soup is ready is to take in the aroma and also check on the froth (impurities) that come on top.

Step – 3 Remove the froth and discard. Never mix it with the soup.

Step – 4 Once the soup is ready, strain it. You may choose to mash the carrots and mix with the soup.

Straining the soup

Step – 5 Add a little salt and pepper to the soup.

Step – 6 Serve once the temperature is right for the baby.

Tip: Choose chicken pieces that have less flesh on them. Something like the neck, wings, ribs, etc. Do not use only bones; some flesh is also required as it imparts taste and good texture to the soup.