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Bohri Cuisine – Home Chef Event at The Resort, Mumbai

Me with the GM, Mr.Satyajit Kotwal
Me with the GM, Mr.Satyajit Kotwal

Last month, a wonderful opportunity came my way when I was invited to be a part of a home chef event by the 5* hotel The Resort at Malad, Mumbai. The proposal required me to cook up a few Bohri delicacies as part of their Sunday Lunch buffet for 2 consecutive weekends.

I belong to the Dawoodi Bohra sect of Shia Muslims who are known for their lip-smacking food which is very different from the other popular Muslim curries and gravies. Bohris not only love eating but also hosting and treating others to their food. Besides non-vegetarian dishes, Bohra cuisine also boasts of certain vegetarian preparations that are whipped on auspicious days.

I chose to prepare a non-veg main course and a sweet on each day. Day 1 dishes were Dabba Gosht and Kalamro. Day 2 dishes were Kari Chawal & Malida. An impromptu drink called Gol Paani was also served on both the days.

bohri dishes
Description of the Bohri Dishes at the event.

I started to prepare for the event a day in advance as the expected number of guests was around 100. I was assigned a section of their main kitchen and a hardworking Chef trainee to help me around. The feeling of stepping into a professional kitchen after almost a decade was nostalgic. Dressed in our traditional outfit – Rida, a colourful 2 piece burkha I interacted with the guests while they sampled my food. Recipes were also handed out to guests who requested for them. All in the entire event went off well and the final seal of approval came from a visiting Bohra family who appreciated the food and my effort to popularize the cuisine. The event was also well covered before and after by media houses and bloggers who were specially invited.

dabba gosht


kaari chawal


I am really thankful to the staff and General Manager of the hotel to give me this brilliant opportunity that let me experience the joy of cooking and serving Bohri dishes to an enthusiastic crowd that had never tried them before. It was a wonderful experience which I shall cherish lifelong.

P.S : I have already posted the recipe of Malida & Kalamro on my blog. The other recipes will be up real soon.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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  1. Being a mommy, felt proud to read the post of being a mommy. Good work and dedicated efforts on your part made your endeavour successful.


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