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5B’s Beach Festival @ The Resort

Fancy a quiet dinner with your loved ones over some barbecue and beer around a bonfire and above all overlooking the beach? If yes then The Resort, Madh-Marve is where you should head to. All this month, on weekends they have a fabulous 5B’s festival running which will satiate not only your hunger but also your love for a peaceful meal by the sea. The 5B’s essentially stand for Beer, Biryani, Beach, Barbecue & Bonfire. Fair enough!

(L to R) Biryani, Bonfire, Beach, Beer & Barbecue the 5B’s offered at the festival

We were there last weekend, on the eve of Valentine’s Day and trust me it couldn’t have been more romantic…well..yes, with Nabeel in tow. How? You shall know how by the time you finish reading this.

About the 5B’s Beach Festival
The festival is set up on one of the beautifully landscaped lawns of the hotel; the bonfire is lit right in the center and the beach on one side. There’s a live barbecue (Tandoor) counter with the chef dishing out hot fresh delicacies to go with chilled beer, while Biryani and other items on the menu are put up on the buffet. For diner’s who do not consume alcohol the beer is replaced by mocktails or soft drinks as per their preference. Menu has well balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes; however, I would have preferred some more variety, especially for the barbecue part.

5B's Menu
The menu @ 5B’s festival. A new menu is up every weekend.

The husband particularly enjoyed fish tikkas, while Nabeel and I relished the paneer ones. Paneer is originally very bland and it takes some skill to make it yummy and appetizing, the chef here sure knows how to do it. Chicken Dum Biryani could have been better with flavours and better quality rice. Raitas and salads accompanying the mains were fresh and flavourful. Hot rotis, though not a part of the menu, are served with Dal, if desired.
The 2 desserts on the menu did not excite me so the staff obliged me with some rasgoolas that were being served in the restaurant. I have never eaten rasgoolas so soft, moist and perfect..their halwai has a fan now. Nabeel was happy with his endless icecream servings and the husband enjoyed the moongdal halwa.
The food is good but for me the ambiance was the winner.



Can I take kids along? (Yeah, yeah the favourite mommy question)
Absolutely! We took Nabeel along and he enjoyed the most, if I can say that.

Me with my little Valentine. Captured by the actual Valentine 😉











It is a kid-friendly resort with separate play areas dedicated to toddlers and children. The kid sections are safe and well attended so that they can be on their own while you enjoy your meal.

If taking kids along, it would be a good idea to reach there before sunset and indulge in some beach fun and experience the stunning beach sunset. You can clean up in the common wash areas and get ready for the meal right in time.
Feed the kids before you start your meal and let them explore the many kiddie areas of the resort. Nabeel was only interested in playing around the bonfire, well as long as he was busy and we enjoyed our special “just us” Valentine meal, after ages 🙂

About The Resort
The Resort is a smartly designed and well maintained property on the beach offering uninterrupted view of the sea and direct access to the beach. Far stretched lawns with massage kiosks, a kiddie and adult pool with sea view, private beach villas, and plush rooms with views to die for are some of its unique offerings making it and an ideal place for families and couples. The festival, according to me, is the icing on the cake.

Other Details
Charges: Adults Rs.1200/- & Children between 5 to 10 Rs.600/- Includes 2 pints of beer and taxes.
Reservation: Required
Parking: Ample
Location: Queen’s Lawn, The Resort , Madh – Marve, Mumbai

5B's Poster
Oh wait, did I mention this? You, yes, the reader of this post gets a special discount of 15% on giving out the coupon code BAM_5B’s. This gives you one more reason to visit The Resort and try out its 5B’s Beach Festival. Have fun and let me know how you liked it.

Till then, Love Being a Mommy!

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