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Aslam Butter Chicken (Jama Masjid Chicken)

I had called for chicken legs to prepare Tandoori chicken as we were craving it for some time now. After marinating with the basics; salt, lemon juice and red chilli powder, I let it sit overnight in fridge to be prepared for lunch next day. Next day, to my dismay, realised that I had run out of Tandoori Masala (spice mix). So I decided to change the plan and prepare the famous Aslam’s Butter Chicken.

For the uninitiated, this fellow Aslam has a very humble food kiosk in Delhi’s Jama Masjid Area serving the most finger licking good chicken. It is so famous that people from different cities never fail to take a trip to Jama Masjid for a bite of his juicy, creamy and buttery chicken. This guy has become more popular than the famous Mughlai restaurant Kareem’s of that area.

After reading this bit don’t get thinking how elaborate or complicated will this dish be to make at home. Don’t worry…it’s one of the simplest Chicken Recipe you will ever come across.

I was introduced to this lip-smacking dish some 10 yrs ago during a food walk to the Jama Masjid area by a fellow foodie. And, the next weekend I had been relishing it in my kitchen. That easy to figure out the recipe and replicate at home!

Since then I have made this ample of times and shared the recipe with so many of my guests who enjoyed it to the fullest.

This time I made a little variation by using Panipuri Masala for flavouring the dish instead of Chaat Masala. Try it or if you want just stick to chaat masala and use Panipuri masala next time.

Aslam’s Butter Chicken


4 whole Chicken legs

For the marination

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon (or more if you like it hot) Red chilli powder

2 tablespoons Pani Puri masala OR Chaat masala

4 tablespoons curd


For the sauce

1 cup curd / yoghurt, whisked

1 tablespoon Panipuri Masala

Melted butter

Chopped coriander for garnish

Step 1 – Wash, clean and marinate chicken in the lemon juice, red chilli powder, Panipuri masala, curd and salt.  Let it sit for about 4 to 6hrs for best results.

Step 2 – Apply oil over the chicken and bake at 220 C for 30minutes, turning once halfway. Alternatively, you can cook the chicken on cooktop in a pan.

Step 3 – Once cooked, place hot chicken on a serving dish and pour the whisked curd, sprinkle paanipuri masala, pour melted butter (as much as you wish) and give a little toss. Garnish with coriander leaves and its ready to serve. That’s it! Dint I tell you how simple the dish is.

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