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Pop It Chocolate

Pop It – the colourful fun toy that has taken the world by storm is really something! Not only kids but it’s craze has got on to the adults too.

People are hooked and popping the toy as a stress buster activity all the time.

Kids, on the other hand, are attracted towards the vibrant colours and the array of shapes and sizes the toy is available in.

Looking at the demand and craze the toy industry has created many variants of the toy to please each and everyone. From just being a hand held toy, it is now also available in form of board game, keychains, pouches and sling bags. Talk about being creative!

Pop It’s that my kids have

So my kids also thought of getting creative and decided to use it as a mould and make some colourful Pop It Chocolate.

Such a lovely and fun activity. Trust me I enjoyed it more than the kids 😆😆

How to make Pop It Chocolate – Watch the video here and follow the steps below 👇

Pop It Chocolate

✔Wash the Pop It thoroughly with soap n water. Dry well.

✔Sort your gems colourwise and place in pop it.

✔Chop and melt chocolate over double boiler. Slightly cool before filling the pop it.

✔Even out and refrigerate for 1 hr or till set.

✔Demould and enjoy

Please ensure an adult is around to supervise the kids, especially during chopping and melting chocolate stage

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