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Stuffed Mango Kulfi

Delicious Summer Delicacy using the King of Fruits

Kulfis have been a summer favourite since ages and all of us have atleast one special memory around this yummy treat!

Kulfis these days come in many flavours, colors and even shapes. The variation this dessert has had over the years is amazing. From being served on streets to restaurants to finally having dedicated kiosks and stores – Kulfi has definitely come a long way!

A very recent trend with regards to Kulfi is serving it inside a fruit which means it is basically set inside a scooped fruit and then sliced and served. How innovative!

I recently saw this Mango version of Stuffed Kulfi and was completely bowled over. While there are couple of other fruits like guava, watermelon, orange, etc. I found the mango one more palatable.

To make Stuffed Mango Kulfi is quite simple, do not get intimated by the looks and feel of it. It just calls for 4 ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to make

In fact a stuffed fruit Kulfi eliminates the hassle of individual molds and is faster to get done with.

I have given per mango recipe as found it is very convenient to measure that way. Also one can easily serve 2 people with 1 medium mango so this way you can buy nos of mangoes and not by weight.

I have used Alphonso Mango and would recommend using that for best flavour and texture

Any other Mango variety will also work fine make sure to use a size similar to Alphonso mangoes.

Stuffed Mango Kulfi

1 medium sized Alphonso Mango
1 cup milk
1/4 cup condensed milk (sweet)
2 tablespoons powdered nuts

Step 1 – In a thick bottomed cooking vessel add milk, condensed milk and powdered nuts.
Step 2 – Cook every on a medium flame while stirring continuously till you achieve a thick rabdi like mixture.
Step 3 – Keep the mixture aside to cool and prepare the Mango.
Step 4 – Wash the mango and cut the top slightly. Now using a spoon try to pull out the seed. Initially use the spoon to loosen out the seed and then finally pull it out using fingers.
This step is crucial but not difficult. Ensure to loosen the seed from the pulp before trying to pull it out, this will avoid any tear in the skin.
Step 5 – Now place the Mango in an upright position in a glass, this ensures it remains straight while pouring the Kulfi mixture and while freezing.
Step 6 – Pour the cooled mixture in the hollow mango, even out the surface and place glass in the freezer compartment. Freeze till Kulfi sets.
Step 7 – To serve, remove Mango from freezer and take out from glass. You now have to quickly peel the Mango. It is important to be quick as you don’t want the Kulfi to melt and your hands to numb because of the solid, frozen Mango. This is a tricky step so be prepared.
Step 8 – Once peeled quickly slice the Mango, plate and garnish the Stuffed Mango Kulfi and serve.
Watch this video to understand how to process the Frozen Mango Video

The Mango seed can be used to make Aam Ras (pulp) or sucked and eaten. It is not used in this recipe.

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