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Kiwi Chilli Cooler – Summer Special

Presenting “Kiwi – Chilli” a hot chilled drink to refresh you this summer.

The drink has a lovely burst of flavours from fruits –  Kiwi & Apple, a refreshing taste from mint and the right kick from chillies.

You have to try this if you are done trying the usual sweet, tangy drinks.

This drink will make you believe hot can be cool too!

Kiwi Chilli Cooler

For 2 servings

2 ripe kiwis
1 small apple
1 fist full of FRESH mint leaves
1 green chilli (use the light green, less spicy variety or if hot is your thing use the regular chilli)
2 tablespoons Sugar / Honey – totally depends on sweetness of the fruits
A pinch of salt ( do not omit this)
1 cup ice cubes

Unstrained, in a glass, over bed of ice cubes.

P.S. – Strain the drink if you feel like. We enjoyed it as it is..was quite smooth.

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