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Mutabbaq / Murtabak

Mutabbaq / Murtabak is a popular street food of Saudi Arabia, it is essentially a box shaped Paratha with a mince stuffing and layers of egg and chopped vegetables.

A meal in it self,  just 1 or 2 Mutabbaq is enough to carry on for the day, especially during Ramadan as a suhoor/ sehri dish.

Box shaped parathas similar to Murtabak are commonly sold on the streets of Kolkatta and other areas of India.

There are 2 parts to this dish – the dough & the filling. Dough is made of refined wheat flour and water, it is kneaded till soft and gains lot of elasticity. You could use readymade Rotis, samosa Patti’s or even semi cooked rotis to save time.

Filling is very easy to prepare and can be made in advance and frozen to be used as required.

Considering the above, Mutabbaq is indeed a good (semi) make ahead dish for functions, emergencies and as Ramadan iftar & sehri options.


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