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Eid Special – Anjeer Kharak / Stuffed Dates

Mention Eid and the first thing that comes to the mind is a bowl of creamy luscious Sheerkhurma. Sure this dessert is synonymous with Eid but there is one more to die for Eid sweet popular among the Bohra Muslims i.e. the Stuffed Kharak (Dried Dates). 


Every year Muslims break their Ramzaan fast by biting into a date. It’s been a tradition since ages and diligently followed by every pious Muslim. The Bohri Muslim sect prepare special gourmet kind of stuffed dates – the dried variety called Kharak to break the last roza or fast. It’s a kind of a celebration marking the arrival of Eid ul Fitr. 


An Eid staple along with Sheerkhurma, the stuffed kharak is usually prepared in huge batches and offered to guests who visit for Eid. 


I have real fond memories of dunking into endless no. of stuffed kharak prepared by mom. She used to make boxes of these and freeze them , so we had endless supply to last atleast for a month. Mom made the best Kharak I have ever tasted, she was always asked to share her recipe. 

Stuffed kharak needs very few ingredients and is quite simple to make. The stuffing is usually mawa / khoya (thickened milk cream) along with dry fruits. The recipe I am sharing today has a dominant flavour of Anjeer (dried figs) and crunchy bit of walnuts. It’s not an instant recipe and needs to be prepped for a day or two in advance because the more kharak is soaked it turns out soft. 



Kharak / Dry Dates – 100 gms (approx 12 t0 15)
Anjeer / Dried Figs – 100 gms
Walnuts, powdered – 3 tablespoons
Milk – 300 ml
Sugar – 3 teaspoons

Step 1 – Soak Kharak in 3 cups of drinking water for 6 to 8 hours.

Kharak / Dried Dates

Step 2 – Once it softens, cut off the stalk from one end. Slit it lengthwise and remove the seed.


Step 3 – Soak Anjeer in 2 cups drinking water. Discard water after 2 hours and blend to a paste.

Step 4 –Boil kharak in milk and soften it further. DO NOT mash or break it. Milk will reduce and coat the kharak well. Refer pictures below. Remove kharak on a plate and cool.

Step 5 – Boil the remaining milk with sugar till it reduces to a thick paste consistency. This is before mawa stage and similar to thick grainy malai.

Step 6 – Cool the milk mixture. Mix in the anjeer puree and walnut powder. Refrigerate this stuffing till it is stiff.

Step 7 – Stuff the kharaks with the prepared mixture and store covered till serving time. Garnish with anjeer and walnut bits.


Note: Stuffed Anjeer Kharak should be refrigerated at all times and consumed within 5 days of preparation. It can also be frozen upto a month and can be defrosted 10 to 15 minutes before serving.



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