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Lauki Halwa / Dudhi Halwa – Holi Special

Lauki ka Halwa or Dudhi ka Halwa is a famous Indian sweet made using bottle gourd and milk. Ideal dessert idea for special occasions and festive gatherings. This unqiue sweet dish made using a vegetable is rich in flavour, is tempting looking, has a luscious texture and full of nutrition. Easy to make with few… Continue reading Lauki Halwa / Dudhi Halwa – Holi Special

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SPOOKY POPS – Halloween Special

A cool Halloween activity cum treat for kids With just few ingredients and less than 15min preps you can set up a fun activity for your kids for Halloween THINGS NEEDED TO MAKE SPOOKY POPS 🎃 Melted White n Dark Chocolate🎃 Sandwiched Cookies (I used Oreo)🎃 Sprinkles🎃 Icecream Sticks / Lollipop Sticks Fix Icecream stick… Continue reading SPOOKY POPS – Halloween Special

Chocolate Treats, Kids Activities, Kids Can Cook Too, Vacation Fun

Pop It Chocolate

Pop It - the colourful fun toy that has taken the world by storm is really something! Not only kids but it's craze has got on to the adults too. People are hooked and popping the toy as a stress buster activity all the time. Kids, on the other hand, are attracted towards the vibrant… Continue reading Pop It Chocolate

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Soya Matar Pulao

Pulaos are ultimate comfort food for the variety they come in! I love the fact that how any and every ingredient can be used in preparing Pulao which bring about a good riot of flavours and texture! Pulao is essentially a rice based dish that is made using whole spices or fresh herbs for flavor… Continue reading Soya Matar Pulao

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Potato Garlic Bites

An easy and quick snack for everyone. A good change from pakoras for monsoon cravings. Kids love it and so do adults Potato Garlic Bites Recipe Makes 24 (as seen)1cup mashed potatoes3 tbsp oil3 tbsp chopped garlic1/2 tsp chilli powderSalt1/2 cup water1/4 cup rice flour2 tbsp cornflourOil for fryingStep 1 - Heat oil in a… Continue reading Potato Garlic Bites